Friday, March 30, 2007

A Kid's Eye View...

I love the way kids think. A couple examples:

This is an excellent book:

My family, especially Quinn, love Sandra Boynton and we read her books all the time. Snuggle Puppy and Personal Penguin are really fun, because we sing them instead of read them. We probably have 10 Boynton books and read them all the time, usually accompanied by some serious toddler guffawing. Today when we were reading Hippos Go Berserk, which is, naturally, about hippos--who go berserk--Sam sees this page:

and says in all seriousness, "The ones with crowns are queens and the ones without crowns are humans." There are so many (adorable) errors in that sentence, I can't even begin to analyze it.

Later that day we go to pick Jack up at school. And he has found a small, bumpy piece of styrofoam on the playground. I ask him what he has and he answers, "A cloud." Me? I just saw some trash. I need to get some of what Jack has.

Quinn, who took over the garbage and carried it home for us, latched onto that word, willingly gave up his football (which never happens) to some older kids to play with and walked around with the styrofoam, repeating, "Cloud. Cloud."

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