Monday, April 23, 2007

Dying of Cuteness

I, as part of my endeavor to start up my videography biz, am creating a sort of video yearbook for Sam's preschool class. I figure it'll give me some experience, it'll give me a sample to show to people, it'll give me something else to add to my resume. It, at $5 per child, will give me $75. Oh, wait, $65. I'm not going to pay myself, and even though she has two kids in the class, I don't think the mom of twins will be buying two copies.

Lesson One: Accidentally and severely underpricing your services. Check.

At least I'll have a nice memento of Sam's last year in preschool. Anywho... Today I "interviewed" 15 four- and five-year-olds about their favorite animals, favorite foods, favorite things about school and what they want to be when they grow up.

Lesson Two: Four- and five-year-olds? Really funny.

The one who called the teacher, and I quote, "a wacko," said that his favorite food is a "big bowl of plain sugar for breakfast." Most of the kids liked chocolate, ice cream, or chocolate ice cream. Some liked chicken nuggets. Sam's favorite food? "Meat." Whaaaaat? "Meat. Pig."

We had a couple kids who want to be scientists, one entomologist, an archaeologist, and a mom (only girl babies, please). One wanted to be a train driver or firefighter, but probably not a firefighter because "I could get burned." Sam wants to be a doctor, his buddy wants to be an inventor, oh, and we have one future princess. Dress color TBD.

When I asked them what their favorite things about school were, a lot of them said they liked playing or homework. One quite adorable girl said quietly, "Learning." (That's our entomologist.) Interestingly, several of them said they liked math best. Alex, after watching one girl profess her love of math three times in a row yelled at my computer: "Neeeeeeeerrrrrrd!" Yep. That's my husband, ladies and gentlemen. I do believe, however, that he would be more supportive to the girl's face. I think.

Lesson Three: Think before taking Alex to preschool with me. [Love you, sweetie!]

I haven't even shot all my footage yet, and I see the video from start to finish. I have the music in my head. I have my last fade out nailed down. I have my first fade in imagined. All I need are 15 quite cute children to fill in the details.

Lesson Four: I love my new job!

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