My nice little guys!

“Everything went great.” This is what I usually hear when picking my children up from a playdate or babysitting session, but I always wonder. I think I have pretty nice kids and I’ve tried to teach them to be respectful. But I’m never quite sure how they’re going to act when I’m not around. Sam has been known to get carried away with himself, and Jack has been known to be rigid and uncompromising in his behavior.


The people I leave them with always say they’re lovely, but I wonder how much of the truth they share. I’ve babysat kids who have been harder than I let on when the mom shows up because, unless it’s something that is out of the ordinary or dangerous, it just seems mean to complain that a 4-year-old was acting like a 4-year-old. I always wonder if that’s the case with my kids. I know the moms/sitters would tell me if they were really difficult, but would they tell me if Sam was a little rude? Would they tell me that Jack didn’t share or that Sam didn’t say please and thank you?


So I was happy to find this shortly after leaving my kids with another mom. Maybe my children really are delightful.


Thanks to my friend, who was willing to add three boys to her already busy household for an afternoon and who was part of the inspiration for Stimeyland. She is someone who is very caring, thoughtful, and would probably never use the phrase “ass burger” on her blog.



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  1. Are you kidding? They are GREAT little guys! We really did love having them here….

    So cool that you’ve begun blogging! Hurrah!

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