Sunday, April 22, 2007

Only Children

And some days are better.

The thing about having three kids is that they each get about 33% of my attention most of the time--if they're lucky. But every once in a while, I only have one of them with me and I get to spoil him rotten. Some days that means a leisurely trip to the park with lots of attention from mom. Some days that means a trip to the grocery store where you don't get yelled at. Today, it meant ice cream.

Sam and Jack went to swim class with Alex, so the Q-Ball and I got to hang out. He even managed to share his ice cream cone a little. A little.

Of course the ice cream caused some trouble later. Quinn's not a fast enough eater, so he was still slurping it when we went to pick up the others. And Sam didn't totally buy my, "You guys got a special treat by having swim lessons, so Quinn got a special treat by getting an ice cream cone."

He had lots of things to say about it until I, exasperated, and not sure that he would entirely understand, said, "Sam, just let it go." Sam, with an extremely derisive snort, said, "Pffft. YOU let it go."

Mental note: Never underestimate a five-year-old's ability to snottily turn around any comment you may make right back at you.

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