Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Scooby Doo, Scooba Don't

The other day I tried to mop. Or rather, I tried to Scooba. But every time I set him up and tried to push "clean", the thing said, "bwonk" and the yellow "check tank" light lit up. Sam, who doesn't quite understand that if something doesn't work five times in a row, it probably won't work the sixth, seventh, or eighth time either, made me keep trying again. Of course, you'll note that I don't understand that if it doesn't work the first two times, it probably won't work the third, fourth, or fifth time either.

So Sam kept returning to Scooba every five minutes or so saying, "Can we see if the robot works?" and Quinn kept wandering around it muttering, "Robot! Robot!" So much dismay over a quiet robot. My answer to events such as this is to leave everything exactly where it is, make a complaining phone call to Alex at work, and then wait for him to fix it when he gets home. Which is pretty much what I did. Although I was able to locate and remove a game piece from part of Scooba's machinery. This was apparently completely superfluous to the "check tank" light though because taking it out didn't change anything.

When Alex got home, he couldn't fix it, so we turned to the source of all things good and fixable: the Internet. Here we found instructions on what to do should Scooba malfunction in the way that he did.

Therein we found some of the best information I have ever seen on how to fix a gadget: "...using the flat of your hand, strike the robot near the charging port to try to restart the pump."

Kick ass! All these years I though I was acting out in frustration and further breaking my electronic equipment by trying to whack it into shape. Turns out, though, I was fixing it.

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  1. Haven't you ever heard of percussive maintenance?


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