Thursday, April 5, 2007

There was no spring to fling

Remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned that I put everyone's coats away for the summer? Yeah, bad idea.

Today we went to my MOMS Club Spring Fling. At which it SNOWED! And, yes, you could basically count the flakes, so it's not like we were building snowmen or anything, but still. And it was really cold. Especially without coats. I found a coat for Jack, so he was probably cozy and Sam wore two sweatshirts (I only had one). Quinn's winter coat was easy to get to, but he spent the whole time crying and saying, "cold," which leads me to believe that he was probably cold all winter and just didn't have the words to tell me.

We had a good time though, until the cold finally forced us from the park. We had an egg hunt. Quinn was mystified at first, but he totally got the hang of it. Sam was older than the next kid by over a year and a half, so he totally got a ton of eggs, and Jack only collected orange eggs.

And it's not like Jack didn't know there was candy inside every egg. He had me open a couple so he could eat the Hershey's kiss inside, but even armed with the knowledge that the more eggs he picked up the more candy he got, he still only wanted the orange ones. Jack's a funny guy.

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  1. You are so much braver than I! We stayed home. What a looooooooong day inside it was!


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