Friday, April 27, 2007

Worst Case Scenarios

So Jack's Child Find assessment was today and it went pretty well. The outcome of the assessment was that now he needs an evaluation. (Maybe after the evaluation he'll need an appraisal.)

Any assessments or testing I've ever had done have been in my house so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Turns out the way they do the initial testing is to set up a bunch of different stations (speech pathologist, occupational therapist, hearing and vision testing, concept learning) in a giant room with a "play table" in the middle of it. Several families were there at the same time being rotated though each station with stops at the play table between stations. At the end of it all, the specialists sit the parent down and talk about the results.

When I first walked in I felt entirely overwhelmed by the situation, but by the time I left I was happy with the process. Each specialist, other than the vision and hearing people, agreed that Jack needed further evaluation in their area. When I mentioned autism they all nodded their heads and gave me little smiles.

Two months ago I would have said that my worst case scenario would have been to have Jack diagnosed as autistic. It's interesting to me that I feel relief today that others agree with me that Jack may be autistic. Today's worst case scenario would have been if he scored high enough to not qualify for more services. At least now I'm not alone in figuring out how to help Jack.

Not that I was alone before. Thanks to everyone who has given us kind words of support and encouragement in the past month or so. I can't tell you how much it means to us. I guess the real worst case scenario would be to be without all of you.


  1. It's so strange how dread can turn to relief.
    Wishing you and yours well on your journey. Best wishes

  2. I find myself longing for some type of diagnosis as well. Now autism doesn't sound nearly as bad to me as it did just a few short months ago.


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