Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jack.

Jack's birthday was this weekend. We celebrated with all kinds of fun activities. A couple of months ago we were trying to decide if we should have a party for our little introvert, when he announced that he wanted a Beach Party. So we decided to have a Beach Party.

We decided to only invite a couple of Jack's neighbor friends and his playgroup of three kids. For a split second I considered inviting his whole class and more of our friends from our MOMS Club, but in the end I decided that six kids was just right. Jack doesn't interact much with kids anyway, and with attention centered on him, I didn't want him to be overwhelmed. And I don't think he was. Though he was definitely at least whelmed.

What a Beach Party means for us is that we pulled the sand table out. And let me tell you, it was a little bit of a challenge not to pull it out weeks earlier so they could occupy themselves with it. But I didn't want them to be bored with it by the time the party rolled around.

And they weren't. For at least a half hour.

I'd planned sand play from 10am to 10:45am, but there was a bit of a mutiny at 10:30 so we had to move on to limbo. Sticking to our simple party plan, limbo consisted of a jumprope held at increasingly lower heights. When the kids got bored with that, we played jump, which consisted of a jumprope held at increasingly higher heights.

And then, the best part of the whole party. Even better than the cake. The night before the party Alex and I had sat in our dark backyard at 11pm filling up 100-plus water balloons. It took nearly an hour. We were going to be sorely disappointed if the kids didn't love it. Fortunately, they LOVED it. It was so much fun just to watch them throw the balloons at the target I had painted that I actually caught myself jumping up and down. Of course, it took something like 4 minutes for the kids to toss all of them.

We had some quiet time and then opened up Jack's presents. Jack was totally pleased with all of his gifts. We are so lucky to know such wonderful and generous people. It's too bad that someone gave Jack three small plastic swords though.

Of course, that person was me. I saw these swords for $1.99 at Target and knew that if I only got one or two that my life would be a living hell. So instead of doing the smart thing and not getting any, I got three of them. Dumbass.

And here's how we know Quinn is a third child and not a first child: Sam, at two, would never have brandished a sword while yelling, "Fight! Fight!"

Jack chose to go to Macaroni Grill for dinner. And by "Jack choose," I mean, "Sam coerced Jack into choosing." We had an easier experience than last time, but Macaroni Grill in Silver Spring is really not the best place to go with three little kids. Except for the fact that it is located right next to a super awesome fountain that kids can run through.

We managed to keep them out of it before dinner, but while Alex and Quinn were waiting 20 minutes (!) for the check, I went outside with the two bigger guys. You're not allowed to wear shoes in the fountain, and Jack kept putting his feet on the border, so I told him that if he wanted to stand there he had to take his shoes off. So he did. And then Sam did. And then they inched closer and closer in to the fountain.

And then they got a little splashed. And they inched farther in. And then I noticed that the front of their clothes was wet. And they inched farther in. And then their hair got a little wet. And finally I gave up and told 'em to go right ahead and do whatever they wanted to. And then they freely cavorted in the fountain.

And they got wet.

Which led to this:

Then home, bath, a little more cake (Because what's a four-year-old birthday if not a reason to binge on cake?), and then bed. Perfection.

And if you've read this far, you're clearly related to Jack. Rest assured, he had a lovely day.

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