Tuesday, May 1, 2007

On Relief...

You can't see me right now, but I'm doing my happy dance.

Have you ever lost something that wasn't yours? And when you notice that you lost it, you can't stop saying, "No. No. No, no, no, no," as if that will make the item magically reappear? Well, I've been collecting photos for a project I'm doing for Sam's class, and yesterday I lost one of them. And not just a snapshot either, I lost a beautiful 5x7 portrait of someone's daughter at 6 months old.

She handed it to me at the preschool when I was carrying a whole bunch of other stuff and I distinctly remember putting it in something to protect it. Later that night, of course, I couldn't remember where that safe place was. I looked through every bag and envelope I had had with me that day. I ripped the car apart looking for it under seats, under mats, everywhere. I looked through the recycling bin three times in case I'd tossed it in there by mistake. Nowhere.

So finally, not being able to face telling her in person, I sent her an email wherein I apologized about 50 times. I asked if she had another copy because I didn't want to be responsible for losing her only copy. She sent me back a really nice email saying that she probably has another copy somewhere, but she's not sure, which I took to be nice-speak for "That was my only copy, I took it out of its frame over the fireplace to loan to you, now I'm never going to remember what she looked like at six months. Fuck you and the careless horse you rode in on."

Then she wrote something to the effect of, "I'm sure it will turn up somewhere," which I didn't quite believe as I had retraced my steps so completely and not found it. In fact, I'd looked so thoroughly that I convinced myself that I must have dropped it at the school and I would surely find it this morning when I got there. So this morning I searched high and low--and a little bit in between--at the school, all to no avail. Still no beautiful picture. The only conclusion I could draw was that it had blown out of my hands or car when I wasn't looking. And it was gone forever.

Well, today after a playdate Quinn wanted a snack so I grabbed a cracker from my emergency box of graham crackers that I always keep in the car, and that I had with me at school yesterday. You guessed it: the photo was inside the box. Hence, the happy dance.

Have you ever lost something that wasn't yours and then found it? Then you know what I'm talking about.

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