Thursday, June 14, 2007


It's sort of cool to watch Jack develop these days, because although he has lots of rough days (like today with a bajillion meltdowns over what I consider small things—he obviously doesn't), he is turning a corner in terms of things regarding self-care and self-reliance.

He is 100 percent reliable with potty training now, and about a month ago he learned to put on his sandals by himself. In the last couple of weeks he's been experimenting with dressing himself, something he didn't do at all before. In fact, he loves dressing himself so much that he often puts his clothes for the next day on after we put him to bed at night. And if he thinks there's a swimming pool anywhere in the vicinity, he strips down so fast you would never know he couldn't take a T-shirt off by himself a month ago.

And just today he put his velcro-close sneakers on by himself for the first time. He was obviously nervous, and I gave him verbal instructions, but he did it all by himself.

But there are disadvantages to his newfound self reliance as well. Between this paragraph and the last, I had to get up and go retrieve Jack because he decided he wanted water and went to get it by himself without telling anyone. This involved climbing onto the counter to get a cup out of the cupboard, pushing a chair up to the sink, filling the cup, and then being distracted by the dishes in the sink and deciding to engage in some water play. (Thanks, Jack, for the post-appropriate behavior.)

Oh, and this morning Alex found him covered in shaving cream and holding a razor (all obtained independently) because he wanted to "be like Dad." I told Alex he better start rethinking his razor storage.

Also seriously Jack has started to try to leave the house by himself. He can unlock the door and will, without compunction, open it and walk right outside. He's never gotten off the porch before I've caught him, but it makes me nervous. And I don't really want to put a hook on the door because I feel like when Jack inevitably sets the house on fire, then Sam won't be able to lead all the kids to safety.

Our alarm system does ding when the door is opened, and the alarm will full-on go off if he ever tries to go out at night, but jeez. How to keep him safe when his ability is ahead of his common sense?

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  1. Yup, we've got that. Widget is so proud of himself that he can open the front door like Mom and Dad ... causing us to PANIC! Even just one step behind doesn't cut it these days....


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