Thursday, June 21, 2007

Camped Out

Remember how I was going to chill out a little this summer? Well we (and by "we", I mean "Sam and Jack") just spent three days in a row getting to camp at 9:30 am and staying until 1 pm. It's basically preschool plus wading pools, and it is actually at their preschool with their loved and familiar teachers, but basically, camp has wiped the floor with Jack.

On Tuesday when I arrived as his class was headed inside from the playground, Jack took a detour directly toward me and made it clear he was just done.

Wednesday he lasted until 1 and even looked sort of perky at pick-up when he ran across the playground into my arms. And then he fell asleep in the car and slept for more than an hour. And he rarely naps.

Today he apparently spent the last long chunk of time systematically eradicating all traces of pudding from his pudding cup. That's how I found him at 1 o'clock, with spoon in hand and chocolate on his face.

I'm thinking that September, with its full day of preschool classes, is going to be a tough month for Mr. Jack. Sam, however, is going to totally rock full-day kindergarten. He almost literally never stops moving, never naps, never wants to go to bed at his 7:30 bedtime. Of course, he does get pretty crabby after school/camp, so I know he gets tired, he just refuses to give in to it. (I can't possibly imagine where that kind of stubbornness could come from.)

Quinn—he who gets mommy all to himself while the others are at camp—on the other hand, is totally chilled out.

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