Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Except for Sam, we're a family of spring and summer birthdays. Today was my turn. And don't think I'm a-gonna tell you how old I am.

Okay, I'm 34.

And even though Alex is away in San Francisco having childless fun with our old friends, this was one of the better birthdays in recent memory.

No matter that she needs to get home to prepare for her imminent move to Australia, my mom stayed here longer than she probably wanted to so she could spend the day with me. Morning started with (yay!) presents, including a couple gifts that my mom bought for Sam and Jack to give me, including a beautiful necklace that Sam picked out. I won't go into the amazing things people gave me, but suffice it to say, I have the best family in the whole world.

We spent most of the day at a petting farm playing with goats and chickens and going on hay rides with some friends from the preschool. First thing when we got there, we saw these giant horses. Jack was slobbered on seconds after this photo was taken. Then we got to milk a cow. And things were just getting started. After two hay rides; some time petting llamas, goats, sheep, and brahma cows; and a pig race, we broke for lunch.

Awesomely enough there was a giant maze for the kids to run through and little bags of chips for sale for a mere 50 cents. The only change I would have made would have been to trade the porta potties for running water. Although even the porta potties were pretty clean. I tell ya', Kid Heaven! And if it's Kid Heaven, you know it's Mommy Heaven too.

After lunch, when we headed off to the barn, Sam was kind enough to wait outside the pig pen to finish eating his ham sandwich before petting this here pig that you see with Quinn:

"He feels like a toothbrush," was his response once he ceased eating his favorite meat long enough to pet his favorite meat.

We were also able to view a 500-pound pig. Let me tell you, that's a big pig. There was also a litter (cloud? school? swarm?) of baby pigs to look at and touch. Also not to be missed? Bins full of chicks and baby ducks to pet. And then on to the chickens.

Oh, and Jack? Turns out he really likes chickens. This was the kind of place that lets kids hold chickens. And although I'm not entirely sure that's good for the chickens, Jack thinks he made a bunch of two-legged, pointy friends today. He even named one of them Coo-Coo and tried to cram her into her little metal nest so she could lay an egg. If we'd left him to his own devices, I'm pretty sure he'd still be there, curled up on the chickenshit-covered floor while the chickens roosted above him.

We used a lot of hand sanitizer today. Naps for everyone on the way home, birthday cake after we got there, and quiet afternoon play in the basement led up to a fun, if chaotic, dinner out with my family and my excellent neighbor and her two kids. Who gave me chocolate. Rock. On.

I think I like being 34.


  1. No, your mother wanted to stay even longer than she did. It was horrible to leave! (And the presents were from all three kids...) Y.M.

  2. Happy Birthday, Stimey! Sounds like a good one!


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