Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Little Junkie

This is one of the funnier things that has happened to me in my life. My children don't get candy very often, so when Sam brought home a bag of it from a birthday party last weekend, it was a big deal. And when there is candy in the house, it lasts a loooong time because even when it's in the house, I don't let them eat it very often.

Today I let Sam have a piece, and he shared a piece with Quinn, who really likes candy. ("More candy please, Mommy. Have some more, Mommy? Candy please, Mommy?") Well after they ate their candy, I took a green Now and Later for myself. Turns out Quinn really wanted that green candy. ("Piece of candy! Have it, candy! Green for me!")

Then, when I put it in my mouth, he literally started clawing at my mouth in an effort to get it out. After I swallowed and told him that it was all gone, I opened my mouth to show him, whereupon he hunched down and fully inspected the interior of my mouth.

This is unprecedented. I have a couple of older kids who really like junk food, and no one has EVER tried to reclaim food once I've put it in my mouth.

Here's hoping Quinn's tenacity will serve him well in his future life.


  1. Oh my, let's hope he grows out of that . . . I know I haven't. I'm sure my roommate frequently hears the sounds of me desperately rooting around the cupboard for anything containing processed sugar in search of a fix . . . I'm actually still hoping I might grow out of it . . .


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