Sunday, June 17, 2007


I have had it up to here. (Picture me pointing at the tip-top of my increasingly furrowed brow.)

When I was a new mother I was determined to raise unspoiled children. I was going to have sweet, non-materialistic kids that didn't ask me to buy them things in stores. And if they did, and I said no, they would nicely fall back into step beside me (because New-Mom Stimey imagined her kids walking nicely beside her and not being dragged with varying degrees of resistance based on age and recalcitrance) and they would happily walk to the checkout where they would wait politely in line to buy the broccoli and green beans they would devour for dinner.

Yeah. Things turned out a little different. I'm sure that part of it is their age, but I recognize that part of it is my own consumerism. Buying things makes me happy. Buying things for my kids makes me really happy. That is why—and if you've ever been to my house you'll agree—I have more toys per capita than most preschools.

For a long time I wouldn't think about spending a dollar or two here or there to buy them a special snack or a small toy, but now it is getting to the point that if we walk into a certain type of store Sam will immediately ask me to buy him something. He doesn't know what, he just wants to buy something.

And that is not okay with me. Because I know just how he feels. I feel it too. That compulsion to buy leads to waste, debt, clutter, and all kinds of bad things. Sometimes it leads to fun purchases too, but if he (I) walks into a store without knowing what he (I) wants, he (I) probably doesn't need it.

So we're starting a new policy at Stimeyland. Absolutely no purchasing of unplanned items. We are all going to get out of the habit of wanting things just because we're there. And my kids are young enough that hopefully they will learn the new way and not the old. And eventually, we'll ease up and allow for a spontaneous purchase here and there, but as long as they're taking it for granted, we're not buying.

Sam was naturally a tad upset.

Wish me luck! Hopefully my next post won't be about how I found some excellent new toy at the grocery store that I absolutely needed to buy.


  1. Stimey,

    I so totally wish you luck! I'm sitting here, with one sleeping and one racing cars on his "roads", wondering how I can buy a few minutes alone to box up some of the toys in the playroom and put them away for a while. Because the clutter really gets to me.

    I want him to have the tools he needs to learn and grow ... but also the space and the quietness of home as sanctuary.


    BTW, you're coming up on your 100th post -- do you know about the 100th post tradition for new blogs? It's your chance to tell us all "100 things about me" and put it in a permalink over there on your sidebar. Or use the opportunity for something else special. Not that you needed anything else to think about ... but it's worth celebrating!

    HUZZAH for hitting your 100th post so soon!

  2. How's this going? I'm making a resolve to only buy planned things too. I like it. Thanks!


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