Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Cassi-Doodle

In light of more serious events that have made most everything in my life seem trivial, I've decided to blog—dog blog, if you will—about something truly trivial: The Doodle.

You've met The Doodle before, but I've decided to temper my prior diatribe about this poor animal with some kind words about her Doodle-osity.

First of all, all of our pets' names get completely bastardized into something they were never originally intended to be.

My first pet, Desdemona the Cat went by "Bony". (Desdemona...Desdebona...Bony. Duh.) One of my current cats, originallly named Isabella before I discovered that that was far too graceful of a name for her, goes by Izzy, Izz-Bird, or more commonly: The Izz-Bot.

And Cassidy? Cassidog...Cassidoodle...Doodle Dog...The Doodle. Clearly.

Anyway, Cassidy is the best dog we could possibly ask for. Yeah, she barks, she jumps, and she licks, but she's cute, she's nice, she doesn't much mind the kids until they yank on her fur over and over. And even then she's a little cantankerous, but never bitey. And if Alex or I start to wrestle too roughly (according to her) with one of the kids, she will insert herself between us and them. She is a lovely, sensitive dog.

Due to some kids' fear of dogs, and the fact that Cassidy is a herding dog that LOVES to herd things, specifically children that run happily through our backyard, we generally put her upstairs when kids come by to play. Her herding tendencies aren't helped by the weird growling noise that generally accompanies this behavior. To her credit, she usually won't jump on the children, but she does enthusiastically jump on their parents.

Wait. I take that back. She won't jump on children unless they're running and shrieking, which is what kids do when they are scared to death of a dog. And then she'll knock them down. Sam has learned to stop and stand still if the dog starts running at him when he's in the back yard. This, unfortunately, was a lesson learned the hard way.

Today, however, I had three different kids over at different times, two of whom have dogs at home, and who wanted to see and play with The Doodle.

The first small visitor, Darling Baby K, was freaked out by The Izz-Bot, but was so fascinated by the dog that she wouldn't eat her applesauce at lunch. Child #2 was thrilled to meet Cassidy and was just disappointed that she wouldn't come into the wading pool with him. (I think the splashing may have had something to do with it.) And sweet little Widget kindly petted Cassidy, who happily soaked it all up, as did my whole little troupe of dudes who was so happy that he stopped by.

It makes me very happy to see Cassidy coexist with children and that makes me hopeful that as she ages and gets calmer she may be able to hang out with more kids. Because no matter her weaknesses, The Doodle loves visitors and seems slightly heartbroken when I release her from upstairs after our friends leave. She tears around the house sniffing everything that came near a guest and you can virtually see her sadness that she wasn't part of it all.

While I'm not looking forward to her old age, I am looking forward to her middle age when she is healthy and happy, but mellow enough to hang out without being a total jerk. Here's hoping that day will come soon.

And as for those more serious events that led me to ramble on and on and on (and on) about my dumb-ass dog: Kick its ass, WhyMommy. We're here for you and will do whatever it is to help you keep up your incredible strength and positivity that inspires so many. Not only can you do it, you will do it.

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  1. Thanks, Stimey. I have to do it. I have two little boys who need me. Lots. Thanks again for babysitting last-minute. And for the pizza. It makes me smile just remembering!


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