Saturday, July 21, 2007

10 Ways Jack and I Are the Same

I'm an Autism Hub lurker and really enjoy reading the posts there. I particularly enjoy AutismVox where Kristina Chew posts thoughtful and lovely items about autism and her son Charlie. She put up a post recently about how she and her son are alike, and invited others to do the same.

As my mother has claimed for quite a while that Jack reminds her of how I was as a child, and as I see much in him that I also see in me, I have decided to do what I do, which is put it on the Internet for everyone to see.

1. We both adore french fries and ice cream.

2. We're detail people. Jack likes to study large drawings to find the details within, and I have similar tendencies. (I used to be a copy editor, for instance.)

3. Neither of us likes being told what to do, especially if it involves us not getting our way.

4. Neither of us does well with being yelled at or criticized. It can feel like a physical assault to me that I run over and over in my head. And I can see the same thing on his face.

5. We LOVE to cuddle with each other.

6. We both have a focus that can drown out everything around us.

7. Neither of us follow directions very well.

8. We both love to laugh. Oh dear God, that boy's giggle could keep the world turning.

9. From Alex: "You're both shy and sweet, but a little prickly. Well, Jack's not prickly."

10. We're both very stubborn.

And now I could (but I won't) list 600 ways that we are different (#1 being that he loves any tactile sensation, but that I can't stand lotions, playdough, dirt, or even the feel of water on my hands). How are you and your kids (or spouse or parent) the same?


  1. Charlie's no longer into 5----he's become A Boy Of His Own. But 2, 3, 6, 8 are very much the case!

    Thanks and great to take a visit in Stimeyland!

  2. Great question, Stimey!

    Actually, it's very revealing. I'm going to email you my answer instead. This being the internet and all. (What? Privacy? Second thoughts? Let's just say I had a momentary lapse of reason.)

  3. Visiting from Kristina - great list. I thought about doing one myself but it would only be fair if I did it for all four children! and I think that would be overkill.
    Best wishes

  4. French fries and ice cream -- together?

  5. Maybe not together, but they do complement each other well. Although I wouldn't put it past Jack to dip french fries in ice cream. Especially chocolate ice cream. Yum.


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