Thursday, July 19, 2007

Air Conditioning is for Wusses

Or so I used to think. Then our air conditioner broke.

I grew up in Utah, where although the summers are very hot, but it's a—say it with me now—dry heat. I'm sure some people in Utah (read: wusses) have air conditioners. [And I'd like to take a moment to apologize here to my friends who live in Utah, and who probably all have air conditioning. I don't mean you. I mean all those other wusses with air conditioners.] But in my house we had a swamp cooler.

I assumed everyone knew what these were, but whilst chatting on the phone to a friend of mine who has spent the majority of her life in Maryland, she drew a total blank after I started prattling on about swamp coolers. (Really, I'm as fascinating in person as in my posts.)

Swamp coolers are loud, damp, cooling systems prevelant in dry areas, and while they may not really cool your house, per se, they make it slightly less horrible to live in said houses. Especially if you lay directly under them, as I remember doing as a teenager. I do know that they do not necessarily make a tremendously obvious difference in the indoor climate. If I remember correctly, my sister lived in a house with a broken swamp cooler, and neither she, her roommate, or her landlord was able to tell the difference.

Then after thirty years of life as a Westerner/Left Coaster, I moved to Maryland and within three days I was a convert. And then I didn't think about air conditioning much (unless I was yelling at the always-hot Alex to turn it down) until last week when ours broke. And then it was fixed and I didn't think about it until Monday when it broke again.

Then I officially joined the Realm of Wussdom.

No reasonable person would want to live in Maryland without the glorious wonder that is the AC. My new favorite people in the whole world, the HVAC people, finished installing our new unit at about 2 pm today. By 3:30, it was amazing how much my mood had improved. Those poor men who installed it though, just when my sweatbox of a house started cooling down they had to leave. And when my heater inevitably breaks in the middle of winter, they'll have to leave just when my icebox turns back into a house. What a crappy job. But what lovely people they were considering they had to lug all sorts of heavy stuff around in ridiculous heat.

And now I'm going to go turn up the air conditioning so high that I have to wear a coat.

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