Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Alex, seeing the paint-splotched hardwood floor we ripped the carpet off of (at my suggestion), and thinking about what he was going to do about it while I sit in front of the computer and let him do it: "That's going to be a lot of work."

Me: "I'm not that worried about it."


Alex (who works in a comfy, climate-controlled office downtown), after our air conditioner broke: "Maybe we should see if we can get through the rest of this year before we buy a new one."

Me, fuming silently, thinking about the fact that the three guys and I would undoubtedly sweat through the rest of this week before Alex decided (probably at noon on Saturday), to go ahead and buy the new damn air conditioner: "!?@*%^;!"


See how much we care about each other?

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  1. I see you omitted the fact that we did, in fact, buy the new AC well before Saturday. Ha! ;^)


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