Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Then There Were Three

Sometimes things hit you at odd times.

When Sam finished preschool I was a little sad because he had been there for three years and had made friends with some great kids. All of his teachers were amazing and I loved the families I met there, some of whom I will see next year, some of whom I'll see outside of school, and some of whom I might never see again. But I never had the choke up and get really sad and melancholy moment. After all, I'll be at that school for the next three years, so I'm planning to hold off on tears until Quinn graduates.

There were plenty of times for nostalgia: graduation ceremonies, the last day of school, the after-school party I hosted, the last day of camp... However none of them hit me in any way other than, "Well, on to the next thing."

But today I had to stop by the school to pick something up. I'm the Membership VP, so I have keys and was able to go by when no one but myself and the three guys were there. I deposited them in the indoor playroom, known as the Riding Room, and ran off to get the things I needed. When I came back, they wanted to play awhile, so I let them have a few minutes.

Then it hit me.

Every single morning for the past two years the four of us would sit in that room for ten or fifteen or twenty minutes while we waited for school to start. There were things that only two of us did, or three, but this was something all four of us did every single day. And this was probably the last time the four of us would play in there together.

Next year, Sam will be off having adventures at kindergarten while we while away the time before class starts in the Riding Room.

Next year, in a place where we'd spent so much time as a quartet, we will become a trio.


  1. Oh! Nostalgia! Already? You will still have your family time so many other places, Stimey! Breakfast, meeting Sam after school, dinner, bedtime, Saturdays... so much wonderful time to come!

  2. Oh yeah, I have nostalgia up the wazoo. I get nostalgic about things that happened last week. That's why it's so weird that I wasn't more affected by his graduation. I'm already a little nostalgic about writing this post. Ah...good times.


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