Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You Bet Your Ass Those Moments Are Idyllic

Today was better than yesterday. Nobody bit anyone else. Although Jack did admit that, yesterday? Before the dog bit him? He says he bit the dog. On her back. So I really don't know who to blame. Maybe I'll just call it even, watch 'em both like a hawk, and, other than that, pretend it didn't happen.

We started our morning with a (wading) pool party that was incredibly lovely. Friend H told me that her daughter also suffered an animal attack yesterday, albeit her attack was from a gerbil. Who nibbled on her daughter's finger. And it only got ugly because the girl panicked and forgot to take her hand away from the little furball while he chewed on her.

Friend H also confirmed that my Alex avatar (see right) looks EXACTLY like him. (Interestingly, Alex and I both created one independently of each other, and except for the fact that he forgot that he wears glasses, his was identical to mine.)

I got to see Darling Baby K in her two-piece swim suit that quickly because a one-piece after the top floated away. I finally got to meet Darling Infant K, who just turned two months old and slept in a Snugli the ENTIRE TIME. (Those days are long gone for me. No one in my family naps anymore.)

WhyMommy came by, and for those of you who aren't local but are looking for news, she looked beautiful. Maybe a little tired, but she was sporting her very cute new short haircut and some adorable pink and brown shoes. (I love that color combo.) Keep on keepin' on, WhyMommy. And Widget happily put every truck on our porch into the sand table before moving on to Hot Wheels and a little garage.

All of the kids that were there got along so nicely (except for a little bit of shrieking and hand flapping by Jack, but I even caught him giggling for a second with a little girl over pretzels). And in a change of pace from the usual swath of terror that follows me and my children, no one was injured or had a meltdown. Success!

And at 12:15 my mother's helper showed up to take my children to the basement so I could say goodbye to my friends and clean up partially eaten sandwiches all by myself.

What a lovely morning.

There was some perfectly pleasant afternoon time and then I got to go out by myself to a wine-tasting, jewelry-sales party. Really? I get to talk to grown women, drink wine, and buy jewelry? Rock the fuck on!

Although, frankly, my confidence as a hostess has been shaken by the woman who put together this party, hereafter known as Super Hostess. She had four Chardonnays to taste and had made complementary snacks to go with each selection. And she had little signs detailing why they were complementary by each wine station. And she made up a fun little quiz for people to learn about wines and jewelry. And she gave me wine corks to take home and put in my dish of wine corks. (Don't ask.) And, the best part? She was totally unpretentious and fun about it.

The party was only marred by the fact that there was another guest there who recognized me, and I recognized her, but we couldn't figure from where. And that is going to bug the crap out of me for weeks. Until I finally forget about her, then run into her, and not know what she's talking about when reminds me that I know her.

What a lovely evening.

Poor Alex though. He's in such a bad mood that he's watching The Godfather Part III on cable. With commercials. You know you're hard up when you're doing that. Don't worry, Alex, maybe tomorrow will be better.

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  1. Oh, the wine party sounds like it was such fun. I hated to miss it!


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