Sunday, August 19, 2007

Date Night

I had a date last night with the attractive gentleman to the left. We went to Le Target to buy the list of school supplies he needs to go to kindergarten. (Well, we didn't buy the list, we bought the things on the list.)

And just let me get off my chest that a bottle of pump soap, a large box of Kleenex, and sandwich and gallon-size Ziploc bags were never on MY school supply list as a child. I find it a little weird that we're supplying basic classroom things for the PUBLIC school. (Taxes, anyone?) Although I guess I would prefer that they spend my taxes on textbooks for bigger kids. And I guess that Jack is going to be getting free special ed preschool. So I guess I can buy a couple boxes of plastic bags. But I rebelled against their naming of a specific brand and bought Glad plastic bags instead.

All right, I did that because all the together moms who did their shopping last week had already bought all the Ziploc bags. I'm just a loser conformist who didn't get there in time.

Regardless, Sam and I had a fun time out. I get all giddy and ridiculous when confronted with office supplies. Especially when said office supplies are two-packs of glue sticks for 20 cents. Or 10-packs of markers for 88 cents. The Target brand glue sticks were labled as 15 cents per two-pack, but they rang up for 18 cents. Had there not been a hell of a line I would have made a stink just for the fun of it. (Okay, I probably wouldn't have, but wouldn't that have been fun?)

I got Sam a first day of school outfit and he got to pick out a new lunchbox (Spiderman). And we also picked out a birthday gift or two for my nephew [It'll be comin' in the mail, Dos Mamas. I hope to get it there on time!]

Then we went to the Target snack shop for a soda (me) and some chocolate milk (Sam). When I asked for the milk, I was met with the explanation that, well, the only milk we have is organic and we can't ring it up on this register, so you can't buy it.

Good thing it's sitting in their fridge slowly expiring instead.

So Sam got a sugar cookie instead. Lucky him. And we got mired in a conversation with one of the weirdos that hangs out at the Target snack shop. (I'm a weirdo-magnet. Don't even get me started on the weirdos I used to attract on Sproul Plaza at Berkeley.)

I think this expedition helped Sam get excited for school, which is good. I'm just concerned how he's going to carry all this crap to school on the first day. Suggestions?


  1. Oh, how delicious! A date with your son -- and cheap school supplies to boot!

    I've asked our Grammy to stock up on watercolors, crayons, construction paper and the like at her WalMart back to school sales for us. I miss those.

    PS on the textbooks -- not even. Did you know that in our school district, they DO NOT PROVIDE enough science textbooks for the 4th and 5th graders to each have one? Yes, in 2007. In one of the richest and most well-respected school districts in the country. They have to leave them in the classroom and take home PHOTOCOPIES because there's only enough for a classroom set.

    Just. Not. Right.

  2. Perhaps a wheeled suitcase? Because that's what he's going to need.

    And that's shocking about the textbooks. Now I'm even more upset by the back to school list of soap, Kleenex and Ziplocs. Next year will we have to take in toilet paper?

  3. I still get a high when out buying new school supplies. What is it about that?? I've always loved it.

    Last year my sons had so many supplies to tote to school that their backpacks were full plus I had to carry plastic grocery sacks along with them. Sheesh! We have to buy all of those "extras" too. I"m ok with Clorox wipes and soap, etc as I"m a germ freak and little kids are germ magnets. I get a little perterbed at things that have to be a specific brand, like Prang watercolors. The crayola one, which I'm sure work perfectly fine (heck, we have the ones from last year that barely got touched) are on sale for a dollar something yet the Prang ones are $5 which about made me ill! :)

  4. Since you asked, I'd take his stuff with him on the first day, and take the rest of the stuff the following day.
    Glad you enjoyed date night.


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