Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kindergarten Update

1. Sam made a friend on the bus. He doesn't know his name.

2. Sam made a friend in his class. They played on the playground together. He doesn't know his name.

3. Sam had a substitute teacher yesterday, the second day of school. His name was Mr. A. "Well, actually, it was something else, but he said it was harder, so we just called him Mr. A." Or, as he referred to him later, "the guy."

4. Sam has voraciously eaten every bite of every food that we have put in front of him since he started kindergarten. And then he asks for seconds.

5. Oddly, he has not seemed to be more tired than usual. Which is what everyone told me to expect. And was what I was hoping for.

6. The bus that usually comes at 3:30 came at 3:20 today.

7. I am curiously dependent on Sam. As are Jack and Quinn.

8. Our house has gotten very quiet between the hours of 9 and 3:30.

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