Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Because I have three kids, it seems like one of them is always sick. But really, maybe it just seems like one of them is always sick. Because I'm never quite sure. I'm the queen of: He's a little lethargic, but maybe he's just tired. Should we go to playgroup? Should we stay home from school? Should I cancel my plans for today and let them stay home to recuperate?

This is on my mind because I went through this exact thing yesterday. Sunday night Sam said he had a headache and threatened to throw up, but never did. Monday morning he said he still felt sick. So I canceled our lunch plans with old friends and our afternoon playdate with a new friend and her kids (We were set up on a "blind playdate" last week. It was fun.)

And then Sam got better. He was perky, he was happy, he didn't have a fever. In fact he felt well just long enough to play with his friend who stopped by with her mom to pick something up. Just long enough to breathe his germs all over her. Because he was feeling so good, after they left we went to the grocery store. And it went downhill from there. (I tell ya', nothing will motivate you to drive straight home faster than a five-year-old in your back seat saying, "Mom, can you hurry? I think I have to throw up.") He didn't throw up or anything, but he spent the rest of the day laying on couch looking sad.

So I don't know what to do today. He woke up chipper as can be. We already canceled one playdate today; I'm not sure if I should be safe and not attend the other. I'll probably stay home, although I really don't want to. But I also don't want to be the mom whose contagio-kids brought the plague to playgroup either.

At least Sam is clear on why he was sick yesterday: "Do you know why my forehead is sick? Because I haven't been in the snow for so long. The back-head needs heat and the front-head needs cold."

It's all so clear now. Thank you, Sam.

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