Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thanks, Mac!

Last week when I thought I learned something at the Apple Store, it was really far less helpful than I'd hoped. So I used my One to One membership to go to a different store to try to learn more about audio, particularly how it pertains to removing microphone feedback from an audio track.

And there, at the Besthesda Row store, I found my new best friend.

I swear he introduced himself to me as Mac, but that couldn't possibly be the case. And this guy, who'll I continue to call Mac because it's just way too good not to, actually helped me. Whereas the guy at the last store seemed to have been trained with the same book I was, this guy appeared to have knowledge that passed beyond what I knew.

And while he was not proficient enough in the software I need to use to solve my problem, he was proficient enough to help me discover that if I dig a little deeper, I can use it to solve my problem.

By the time I left that store I was positively giddy. Thanks, Mac. You rocked my world.

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