Monday, August 27, 2007

Today Was The Day

My brave little guy.

Sam was so excited for kindergarten. Before bed last night he told me be sure to wake him up at 6 o'clock so that he would be on time for school.

This morning the whole family drove to the school together. While Alex circled in the car, I walked Sam to the kindergarten playground where the classes were lining up. And there he had his first moment of hesitation.

"I want you to come with me," he said when I told him to go play on the playground.

But his class was already lining up, so I gave him a hug and a kiss and told him to go stand behind the girl in the green shirt. Seconds later as his class filed by and I took a picture, he didn't even see me, so hard was he concentrating on staying in his line.

And that was it.

We drove home to drop Alex off. Even though I had a nagging feeling that I should be at home waiting by the phone in case something should go wrong, I took the kids to the mall to pick up a couple things I needed at Target and for a little bit of play at the mall's PlayTown.

Jack easily fell into Sam's void and took his place racing ahead while Quinn took Jack's old spot meandering behind me.

At home, the phone rang at 10:35. The caller ID read, "MONTGOMERY CNTY." Oh no, I thought, he only made it two hours. But it was just Jack's teacher calling to schedule a home visit. Jack and Quinn, seemingly lost without their leader, milled around me like baby birds desperate for sustenance from an elder.

I spent the second half of the school day waiting around to pick up Sam. His bus leaves school at 3:12. By 2:35 I was compulsively checking the clock every four minutes. I didn't want to leave too early and have to mill around the school bus stop for 15 minutes with my other two small children, but I was so excited to see my kindergartener.

So at 3:15 we went down to the school bus stop and milled around for 15 minutes. When the bus finally came, Sam leapt off of it into my arms.

He was ecstatic and ran home at the speed of sound. Because a friend of mine had suggested that I have something nice waiting for him when he got home from school, I had whipped together a pan of brownies (from a box, don't get any ideas about my domesticity here) and we sat around the table eating brownies and drinking milk while I tried to pry information out of him.

I didn't get much other than, "I didn't wear a seatbelt on the bus," and, "I have to take my art back to school tomorrow because it's on that side of the folder," and "We had Oreos for snack." He couldn't remember anyone's name (except his teacher).

He colored an incredibly beautiful teddy bear at school. According to the paper, the skill he learned from that was "self-esteem."

Tomorrow I'll chill out a little more. And the day after that I'll get used to him being gone all day. Then next week I'll go through the same thing with Jack (and to a lesser extent, Quinn), and before you know it, I'll be surly when there's a school holiday and I have to take care of all three of them all day again.

And so it begins...


  1. You sound a lot like me. We've had a lot of half days of school due to the heat. Today may or may not be a full day for us. I can handle these half days but the full days will be an adjustment for awhile. I know my littlest guy will miss his big brothers.

  2. I know what you mean, it has been a week, and I am still obsesively checking the door for the bus.

  3. These back to school posts have me almost in tears, thinking about my son going to school one day. He's not even 2 yet! I know, I know (shakes head). I have a few years to prepare, but still! Oh how I'll miss him!

  4. All my inner drama and, as far as I can tell, Sam has not had any trouble with the transition at all. I think it may be easier to live through things than to watch someone you love live through things.

  5. Awww, I love the photo of him in your arms. Just precious.


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