Saturday, September 29, 2007

Do I Have to Know How To Play DVDs in Order to Make Them?

So here's some irony for you. I make DVDs for a living. Well, I guess for that to be true I'd actually have to make enough money off of it to live. Or at least to be in the black. But I do produce DVDs. If only, apparently, as a really expensive and stressful hobby. The irony? I can't make a DVD player in my house last longer than six months.

Like five years ago I gave my sister her very first DVD player. And she still has it and it still works. Since that time, I can't even count the number of DVD players I've gone through.

Some of them flat out stop working altogether.

Some of them play some discs perfectly while they refuse to even load others.

And the newest one? The one we bought about two months ago? It plays the discs perfectly, but it won't play the sound.

I have hope for this one. I think that mayhap we accidentally hit a key combination that turns off the sound. Although why a DVD player would have this option is beyond me. Or maybe we had a cable come loose.

Regardless, we have tremendously bad luck with the stupid things.

I did, however, have tremendously good luck at a shoot I did today for a workout video I'm putting together. In June I originally shot some tape for these lovely women, only to find out that I had an inadequate microphone, a bit of bad luck, and some resultingly unusable audio. So today we re-shot. (Who are the nicest clients in the world? The Fit and Fun Fitness Twins!)

This time I had a kick-ass microphone, better luck, and though I haven't looked at the footage yet, I'm thinking it's going to be great. I did have one panicky moment when Alex, who was my assistant for the day, noticed that one of the lights was buzzing. Thank God he noticed, because frankly I might have killed myself if I'd come out of the day with more bad audio.

We smartly decided NOT to just forge ahead with crossed fingers, and instead tried unscrewing a couple of light bulbs to see what happened. And what happened was success. The buzzing went away, our light was still great, and our audio seems clean. I'll be importing my footage onto my computer tomorrow.

Keep those fingers (and toes) crossed for me that I have better luck with my DVD production than my DVD players.


  1. :) It's like the old saying that the builder has the worst house in the street, methinks.
    Great news about the shoot. It is so lovely when you have clients that make your job pleasant. Last week I had to make a phone call to a client that I was dreading. Was expecting to get the usual blasting for the govt's ineptness yada yada yada.
    The guy was lovely, thanked me profusely for calling and I am sure would have complimented my shoes if he could see me (the height of compliments for me).
    Just made my day.
    Hope you get that blasted thing working asap.

  2. I suppose it's time to graduate to DVD's, huh? I tape my soaps while I'm at work everyday using my VCR. The DVD player pretty much only gets used when my daughter is home from school - when she and her boyfriend want to watch a movie.
    Hmmm. I think I'm old.

  3. Alex is awesome.

    But what did you do with the kids? Are they the workout class?

    What an image.

    I'm so glad that everything went so well for you yesterday!

  4. Update on the DVD player, which I couldn't get to work for three days. Alex turned the power off then on, and the thing started playing sound again. I'm sure that I did that! What is up with that?!

    Our kids, although they would have happily been the workout class--especially Sam, were at home with a babysitter. Life. Was. Good.

  5. Ha! Ha! Jason and I had the same conversation last night about our "bad luck" with DVD players. We thought they kept breaking because we were buying the low price ones, but now we find the more expensive ones break just as much.

  6. Well, C, I'm sorry for your troubles, but I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who DVD players hate.

  7. I think that your DVD player doesn't work because one of the three musketeers has stashed a small prohibited chocolate item into one of its orifices. I know I have seen such things stashed in nearby spots, say the desk drawers near the DVD.

  8. Sherry, I certainly have no idea what you're referring to. I am absolutely NOT the kind of person to stash bags of candy in my desk. I'm shocked that you would even suggest such a thing.


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