Sunday, September 9, 2007

I'm About to Launch Those Tinkertoys Into Outer Space

Last Friday the lovely WhyMommy brought the equally lovely Widget and Little Bear over for a really nice playdate filled with conversations about Mars and much building of rocket ships and Mars Rovers out of Tinkertoys. These Tinkertoys live in my basement, but the rocket ships came upstairs with Jack and Quinn after the playdate.

See, Jack is obsessed with space and the planets and Roving Mars. Consequently, as Quinn is obsessed with Jack and all things Jack, Quinn is also obsessed with space and the planets and Roving Mars.

Adorable, right? And how cool that they're so into rockets and planets and the solar system, right? How educational, not to mention endearing, right?

Wrong. At least in this case.

I've learned my lesson about why those Tinkertoys live their sad, chilly lives in the basement. Because no matter how cool that rocket ship is when it's originally carried up the stairs, said rocket will soon break into a million pieces and those pieces will litter your house and deck, and cause your toddler to scream maniacally every time another chunk falls away.

After I've heard Quinn yell, "Mine Rocket! Mine Rocket!" one hundred times because someone else has taken the particular stick that he believes is his, I am less inclined to love this particular pursuit.

After I've heard Quinn yell, "Fix it! Fix it!" one thousand times because a small—but apparently crucial—piece has fallen to the ground and his chubby, uncoordinated hands can't stab it back into the right hole, I start to hate the whole concept of building.

After I've heard Quinn yell, "Get it! Mine rocket! Get it! Mine rocket!" one million times because he's dropped a tiny piece of his Tinkertoy rocket onto the car floor and I can't get it because I'm trying to keep everyone alive on the Beltway, I'm tempted to drive my car into an abutment.

On the one hand, I would much rather have Quinn care about space than, say, Hot Wheels, and I'm really happy that he wants to build and chat and be creative.

But on the other hand, I'd just really like him to shut his little yap about it already.


  1. I know what you mean. Toys have designated places sometimes. I am the only mom I know who designated Play-do as an outside toy!

  2. Play-doh outside is a great idea. I'm always annoyed when I have to sweep up all those little bits that fall on the floor.

  3. Yes, we go thru this with Transormers. TC has a meltdown every time a piece breaks off. It is awful.

  4. Sounds like us and fishing poles... plastic dinosaurs... matchbox cars...


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