Saturday, September 22, 2007

Praise Steve Jobs, I'm Back!

I'm back!

As you may have heard (read), my trusty (???) Mac let me down last week. After four wonderful years together, my video card departed for the great video-card graveyard at the dump. That was Sunday night. It is now Saturday mornin afternoon (how did that happen so fast?) and I'm just now re-entering the world of the computer.

Thank God!

My week-long forced withdrawal from the computer was tough. Not only do I blog (and am, it turns out, highly addicted to reading about all of your lives), but I have two jobs that I am physically incapable of doing without my computer. I also am on the board of my kids' preschool and need my computer to do that job.

And don't even get me started on email, which is apparently my primary form of communication.

Don't freak out, but I actually had to use my telephone to pass on a message to someone the other day. The. Telephone. I mean really. Are we living in the 1800s here?

When I dropped off my computer at the Apple store on Monday afternoon they told me it would take one to five days. Always hopeful, I waited patiently. For a day and a half. Then I started to panic.

I had deadlines looming. (Even now, as I write, I'm scanning photos for a DVD slideshow I am creating for a client.) My supervisor took to calling me periodically to see if my computer was back. I could feel my emails piling up. I could sense that all of you had continued living your lives (incredible, I know) without me knowing what was going on with you. My mom kept harassing me to post here.

Meanwhile the big, soulless blank, black eye of my monitor mocked me from its cozy spot on the desk. "I'm here, but I'm not here," it said to me, as I longingly stared at the button in its face that usually powers up my Mac.

And the worst part? Now that I had all of this free time in the evening because I was computerless, my husband had to work late almost every night last week. So I had to sit at home alone and watch bad end-of-summer TV. I was reduced to watching The Singing Bee one night, for Christ's sake. I did get some time to read though. That was nice.

And you know what? The Apple store doesn't answer their phone. I called at least twice a day for three days before I finally got someone to answer my call. (Bastards.) And then my computer wasn't ready. (Double-bastards.) Then I got the magical call that I could pick it up Saturday morning. (Best friends.) I was never so happy to fork over so much money for a big metal box.

Then I got it home and started plugging stuff in to the back of it when I noticed that they hadn't returned the power cord I'd left with the computer. (Super, triple, %&@!* bastards.) See, I don't know if you're as versed in computer engineering as I am, but the power cord is an essential component. Arguably the most important component.

So, back to the Apple store. And even though they couldn't find my cord and they claim that they don't take power cords with repairs (They did. I swear they did.), they gave me a brand new free power cord. And that's why I &#9829 Apple.

So, my To Do List:
1. Read my emails (All 181 of 'em.)
2. Read my work emails (All 4 Outlook pages of 'em.)
3. Ignore those emails.
4. Weep hysterically at the sheer amount of work I have ahead of me. (I think I'll learn to hate my computer in the next couple of days. Ironic, eh?)
5. Check Toddler Planet to see how WhyMommy is doing. (All seems well.)
6. Write self-indulgent blog post about how I missed my plugged-in life.
7. Curse my plugged-in life as I set off to work.

You may not see me for a couple more days as I try to keep from getting fired.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm addicted to you.


  1. YAY I missed reading about you and your kiddos. Computers can be your best friend when they work, and be EVIL when they don't. It's a love/hate relationship.

  2. I did a self imposed unplugging for about 5 days and that was tough. Doing it without wanting to would be hell I tell ya! Hell!!
    But I think you know that.

  3. I feel your pain. When we moved I had to go 5 days without internet access. Oh it was HARD, I had to do *gasp* housework!
    Glad to see you are a fellow Mac addict. My daughter and her friend went to a heroes and villians night at school dressed as the ultimate foes - Mac v Windows blue screen of death... on rollerblades. There are pictures on my blog if you are interested in seeing them :)

  4. Hey, I checked in with you every day. I missed you and worried about you until you posted that it was computer problems and not SOMETHING WORSE, which I know it is hard now to imagine what could be worse, but still. Stimeyland is a regular stop in cyberspace neighborhood and so you were really missed. Strange these cyberconnections being so emotionally real.

  5. So glad you're back! I'm addicted to Stimeyland too! We were on vacation with only one chance to check email -- and of course, I had to stop at Stimeyland and a few other stops before I left.

    Missed you! Now get back to work! :-)

  6. Thanks for checking in, guys. I felt the weight of the world slide off of me when I saw my little apple screen come on when I powered up.

  7. Yeah!! You're back!

  8. So glad you're back online and properly technically outfitted again.

    Oh, and the most important part of the computer is the motherboard. There's a good reason they gave it that name. ;)

  9. Oh boooo! Broken comoputers are awful.

    I dropped mine a couple of months ago, and even though it's under warranty, I'm still using it with it's poor broken casing and such. I swear we are going to have just get a "spare" laptop!

  10. Oooh, a spare laptop. That's my dream!


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