See Jack Get Interviewed

If you’re in the DC area, keep your eye on the ABC 7 news for me. Although it’ll totally blow any shred of semi-anonymity I have left. The quite beautiful Natasha Barrett interviewed me about the school bus snafu from the other day.

She found me on DC Metro Moms and wanted to talk about what happened. The power of the blogosphere, eh? I tried to put in some excellent props to all you brilliant DC Metro Moms that I somehow got mixed up with.

For those of you who haven’t heard, the transportation department folks that I spoke to were wonderful. They all listened to my whole story, they agreed that the bus driver had used questionable judgment, and they put Jack on a bus that has gotten home at 3:55 for the last two days.

As for how the interview went, if you see it, you’ll find me blushing and stumbling over my words. Unless they have a kick-ass editor. And they probably won’t show all of Jack’s count to 100 in the game of hide and seek we played for the camera. And they didn’t get the extreme sadness and tears from Sam because they interviewed Jack and not him.

I think, to him, a two and a half hour bus ride would have been worth it if he could only have been interviewed because of it.

13 thoughts on “See Jack Get Interviewed

  1. I think it’s pretty cool that they found you via dc metro moms. Go Jean! (and I know what you mean about the anonymity-a trade off I guess.)

  2. I’m so glad the past two days have gone better. I would’ve been the same way with the interview (blushing and stumbling on my words). I bet no one notices but you, though. :)

  3. Aside from the shot of me jogging away from the camera toward Jack–NOT my best angle–and a couple (little) misinterpretations by the reporter, it turned out pretty good.

    And, oh my God, Jack is so damn cute!

  4. Well, what happened sucked. But I’m so glad they found you via DC Metro Moms! WOOHOO! (And I’m sure you were articulate and poised. You just think you sounded like an idiot.)

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