Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Assorted Reasons Why Quinn is a Wee Bit of a Psychopath.

1. We all know that Quinn takes a plethora of balls to bed with him every night, but tonight he insisted on taking a rolling pin to bed.

2. The other week he carried a pre-packaged salad with him to the bus stop to pick up Sam. He proceeded to demand to carry a salad with him on several occasions over the next several weeks.

3. The child used to be able to not poop for two weeks or more. Now we Miralax the hell out of him, so he has no choice. He still tries though. When we started him on it, he was still able to hold it in for several days.

4. Even if it's 40 degrees outside, he refuses to wear a coat. It wasn't until I found him a coat that looked "exactly like Sam's" that he became willing to wear a coat to pick Sam up at the bus stop. In the rain. If any of you dare to tell him that the inside of his coat is black and not brown and that it's not reversible like Sam's, I'll kill you. I mean it. Don't test me. (He also made me buy him a backpack that is just like Sam's, but I think that has more to do with idol-worship than psychosis.)

5. He hates everything about getting dressed and screams and fights wildly the entire time we're trying to smash him into his clothes. Then he's totally fine. Until he gets a drop of water on himself and he demands new clothes, only to scream and freak out while we're trying to re-dress him.

6. The be all, end all reason why Quinn is weird? He doesn't make tears. You heard me. The boy has never, in his entire life created a tear. Don't get me wrong, he cries. He cries all the time, but the crying is the dry sort of scream/sobbing that lacks the sympathy-inducing side effect of tears rolling down his face. I spent the first couple months of his life eagerly awaiting the tears. Now I've given up. Even when he was a baby and we thought he had a tumor and the people at Children's Hospital put a tube up his nose and into his stomach for contrast for a CT scan, he didn't cry. He came close; his eyes watered the smallest amount, but nothing fell out. His doctor doesn't seem to be as weirded out about it as I am. Evidently he thinks Quinn has enough moisture to keep his eyes healthy, but no more. I think it's closer to the truth to say he just might be a robot.

I tried to stop writing this, but things kept popping into my mind. Fortunately, I think most of them can be summed up with this sentence: He's two years old. But the medical oddity inherent in item 6 makes him entirely unique in my mind.


  1. Now does his nose run? The mucus, liquid whatever has to come out somewhere, right? Moosie dry cries too. Even when he is crying really hard, no tears. Never really thought too much about it until after reading your post! But his nose runs like hell!

  2. I'm so glad Quinn isn't the only one who doesn't make tears. That information usually stops people cold. His nose does run, but only when he's sick, and not that much. Interesting. I'd never thought about the nose connection before.

  3. well here you go http://www.kidsgrowth.com/resources/advicedetail.cfm?id=2825

    Next time I chop onions I'll let Moosie take a whiff and see if he is a freak of nature.

  4. My brother's tear ducts are a bit deformed so he makes too many tears. Didn't help him in the army when drill sgt was yelling at him and a tear rolled down his cheek.
    I've heard of the no tears thing before. But can't remember a thing about it. :)
    Quinn does sound remarkably - TWO. Love the salad carrying!!

  5. I think all of those things just make him all the more loveable and charming. Except maybe the getting dressed thing. Maybe he will learn to do it himself sooner.

  6. Oh man, this was funny to read. Carrying salad around? Ha ha!

  7. Ange, thank you for the link. It's nice to get more confirmation that his eyes aren't going to fall out of his head from lack of moisture. Fascinating!

  8. Widget has only cried a couple times -- in the E.R. for instance -- but never? Interesting. Hmmmm.... That Q is one interesting little dude!

  9. I'm still stuck on carrying the salad to the bus stop. Now THAT is completely quirky.


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