Gerbil Watch: Day Five

Finally! Evidence that they are drinking!

I was worried because in the email about gerbil care from my friend, the water bottle took a whole paragraph. And two in-person demonstrations. Apparently there’s an air bubble danger.

I’ve been checking to make sure the water level in the bottle has been going down, and it has, but just a teeny bit. Maybe gerbils just don’t drink very much. So I’m very happy that at least one of them is staying hydrated.

4 thoughts on “Gerbil Watch: Day Five

  1. Don’t worry! Gerbils are desert-dwellers and they have evolved to survive on very little water. So it’s okay if they don’t drink very much.

  2. Thank you both very much. I also got an email from my friend, who has been following her gerbils’ progress. And she gave me similar information. Phew!

  3. I had many gerbils as a kid… they’re very resilient! On another note, I tagged you for a meme. Play only if you’d like!

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