Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gerbil Watch: A Farewell to Gerbils

The gerbils go home tomorrow, and I think you'll believe me when I tell you that they will be sorely missed. Wouldn't you miss the little guy there at the left? Look at his cute little paws with his dagger-sharp adorable black nails.

Not all is lost though. They are due to come back at Christmas time. Unless, that is, I've totally freaked my friend out by Gerbil Watch '07, leading her to not trust me with the little dudes again.

But if they do come back, rest assured that I will not, however, subject you to another week of photos of gerbils that only I and my friend and her daughter think are cute.

You would be surprised how many photos you have to take of gerbils before you get a good one. My iPhoto library is now chock full of gerbil shots. I could publish a calendar.

I think they're ready to go home. I sensed this after I saw that they had trashed their hotel room last night.

Maybe you don't remember or can't tell, but their cage used to be neater.

Fare thee well, Robert and Gnocchi. Fare thee well.


  1. What? No gerbil pics next time???

    I like Gerbil pics!!!

  2. Kind of got used to the little buggers. Sniff ..

  3. Sorry but that photo scared me a little. He looks like he is reading my mind and is going to lunge.


    Make the scary gerbil go away Mummy.

    If you need me I will be hiding under the bed. Let me know when they leave K?

  4. Bye bye, gerbils. I have enjoyed your adventures in Stimeyland.


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