Tuesday, November 6, 2007


A couple weeks ago we were driving down the street on the way to school and we drove past a family getting into a car. This family picks up their kids at the same bus stop where I pick up Sam. As we drove by, Sam spotted the 5th grade girl getting into the car and said, "Hey! There's my girlfriend!"

Apparently she and Sam had been assigned to each other for a book fair event and that made her Sam's girlfriend. A few days after this declaration of coupledom, Sam shouted goodbye to the girl at the bus stop before we walked home. He then explained to me that he had to say bye to his girlfriend.

And for the record, no, he doesn't know her name.

All kinds of cute, right?

This morning we were talking to Sam about his friends at school. He didn't want to play with J because J fights and Sam likes to follow the rules. D likes to play with J, so D isn't the guy to hang out with. I suggested he play with E.

To which Sam responded, "But E has a girlfriend and I don't like that scene very much."

That scene? Oh my God, I just about died. Where did he come up with this stuff?

But really it's a shame that he's not into the scene because what girl wouldn't want to be with this handsome white belt?


  1. "...that scene." Pretty funny. Your little boy is growing up. And quite a handsome White-belt boy, I might add. Y.M.

  2. Dudes, growing up like you wouldn't believe!


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