Wednesday, November 14, 2007

J is for Jack

You know those horribly annoying foam letters? The ones that you try to stack up neatly with all the pieces together, and kids just want to take all the letters apart and throw them in a big pile on the floor? Don't get me started on the border pieces.

Sam wanted to get those out this afternoon while he had a friend over for a playdate. I had literally just cleaned the basement, including putting those goddamn letters in their bin. But it seemed cruel to invite a friend over and then not let them play with any of the toys, so I relented.

By the time they got to "D" I noticed what they were doing. They were putting them in alphabetical order and placing a toy that starts with that letter of the alphabet on each square. Toy airplane for A. Building toy for B. Car for C. Disembodied Duck head from Quinn's unworn halloween costume for D.

They put Jack on the J when they got there, and he happily agreed:

I forgot all about him because I was reading blogs. Downstairs in my basement. On my awesome new laptop. That doesn't need wires to get the Internet. It's like magic, people. Magic.

Somewhere in the Ms in my blogroll, I realized that Jack was still standing on the J. The kid stood there patiently waiting for a good fifteen minutes.

The only time he stepped off was when, in response to Sam and friend telling Quinn he could stand on the Q, Quinn ran directly to the B. An outraged Jack took the opportunity to shriek, "That's a B!" and shove him off of it.

And then he promptly returned to his designated square. You never know what will make the little guy happy.


  1. anne at annenahm.comNovember 14, 2007 at 9:15 PM

    He looks so incredibly sweet in those pictures!

  2. Ooooooh Mac Book Pro...... my husband would be drooling. But I am happy with my pretty MacBook. And yeah wireless internet thingy is da bomb!

    Now we need to put our heads together and work out a way of using this J is for Jack to your advantage..... in the bottom of the shower? At the dinner table? In bed?

    Boo had those things. They look rather interesting after going through the intestinal tract and the little buggers don't flush!

  3. I'm jealous of the laptop. That will be my next luxury to get someday!! The pictures are cute. He looks perfectly proud to be standing on the 'J'.

  4. Lucky for you they didn't make you stand on M for Mommy! LOL Yep, we luuuuuuuvvvv our wireless, too!

  5. Ah, but Niksmom, I WAS forced to stand on the M for Mommy. That's the vantage from which I took the second photo. I sure didn't stay there for 15 minutes though!

  6. Too funny. But - it makes sense too!

  7. Stimey, this is downright spooky. I just got my brand new MacBook Pro less than a week ago :) Love it, love it. (15" or 17"?). Also love the wireless. Pictures are great.

  8. Wow the magic J, I'd carry that around for whenever you need him to stay put!

    I love wireless... unfortunately my upstairs computer crapped out and my laptop is as old as dirt, so I have to catch a few moments here and there in the basement office.

  9. KAL, don't you LOOOOOVE it? I hug it at least once a day. I splurged on the 17". Like I said, I LOOOOOVE it! My very first computer was some used Mac laptop (black and white monitor) that my now husband bought for me for, like, $300. In 11 years, the changes in computers/laptops is phenomenal.

    And as for wireless? I'm not quite sure how I lived without it for so long. Get this: I only used to be online at my desk. At my desk, can you believe that?

    My poor kids, this computer is going to eat into their mommy time.

  10. And yes, I think I'm going to start carrying the "J" around in my bag for those trips to the post office and grocery store.


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