Monday, November 12, 2007

Like Every Other Night

I was writing a post just now (you'll see it in a few minutes) and Jack came out of his bedroom (yes, it's 10 p.m.) to have the following interaction with me:

Jack: [Skip-hop, skip-hop around the corner, and then pointing at the bathroom] "Bleurg"

Me: "Okay, go to the bathroom." [patted him on the butt]

Sould of peeing coming from the open door, and then he disappeared back down the hallway toward his room (and the kitchen) for about 45 seconds and skip-hopped back.

Jack: "I want help getting the bread open."

[Pause] "And I want the peanut butter out."

[Pause] "And I want some honey"

[Longest pause yet] "And I want another piece of bread." [Big smile]

Me: "Sweetie, it's not time for a sandwich. I'll make you a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch tomorrow. Right now you have to go to bed." [Pause. No action from Jack.] "One...two..."

Jack: "Pfffft" [Skip-hop, skip-hop, down the hall and off to harrass the cat he went.]

Another typical night in Stimeyland.


  1. GO JACK!!!! He is ADORABLE!!! :)

  2. Yeah, I'm with Jack 'Pffffft!'

    Love it. Oh and harrassing the cat. Good job buddy!

    Boo is in the kitchen chastising his father. 'You dad, are not a nice man'


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