Like Every Other Night

I was writing a post just now (you’ll see it in a few minutes) and Jack came out of his bedroom (yes, it’s 10 p.m.) to have the following interaction with me:

Jack: [Skip-hop, skip-hop around the corner, and then pointing at the bathroom] “Bleurg”

Me: “Okay, go to the bathroom.” [patted him on the butt]

Sould of peeing coming from the open door, and then he disappeared back down the hallway toward his room (and the kitchen) for about 45 seconds and skip-hopped back.

Jack: “I want help getting the bread open.”

[Pause] “And I want the peanut butter out.”

[Pause] “And I want some honey”

[Longest pause yet] “And I want another piece of bread.” [Big smile]

Me: “Sweetie, it’s not time for a sandwich. I’ll make you a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch tomorrow. Right now you have to go to bed.” [Pause. No action from Jack.] “One…two…”

Jack: “Pfffft” [Skip-hop, skip-hop, down the hall and off to harrass the cat he went.]

Another typical night in Stimeyland.

2 thoughts on “Like Every Other Night

  1. Yeah, I’m with Jack ‘Pffffft!’

    Love it. Oh and harrassing the cat. Good job buddy!

    Boo is in the kitchen chastising his father. ‘You dad, are not a nice man’

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