Friday, November 30, 2007

Look What I Did!

I'm not a baker, but when faced with a cookie exchange I'm going to tomorrow that requires me to take 6 dozen cookies, I accepted that I couldn't just buy a tube of cookie dough and spoon it onto a cookie sheet.

And look what I came up with! Looky! Looky! Peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies! I made delicious looking cookies! Looky!

Jack obviously thought so too. And now I can use this photo to determine how many went missing between the time I finished baking them at 9, and when I returned to the scene a while later.

I found Jack in the kitchen, covered in chocolate. "Did you eat a cookie?" I asked.

He thought for a while, clearly weighing his options, then he nodded.

"How many did you eat?" I asked.

Another long pause. "A lot."

Apparently he'd eaten so many that he didn't want any more. He turned down the cookie I offered him as a reward for being honest. Sam, on the other hand, sitting obediently on his bunk bed, happily took it and gobbled it.


  1. Hope those cookies don't affect him the way they affect me! It wouldn't be pretty.

  2. My heart is bursting with pride! Terrific work girl! They look amazing!

  3. Thank you, L! I'm pretty proud myself! They're yummy too.

    Bettejo, Jack seems unaffected by his cookie binge, and I still have enough cookies for tonight, so A-OK!

  4. Turning down another cookie you are right he must have eaten a lot.

  5. That is super cute! And I love your kitchen :^)

    anne at

  6. mmmmm.... and such a clean uncluttered counter! ;)

    We baked cookies on Monday and I actually didn't want to kill my children during or afterwards. And I hurried up and put them in snack baggies for Bubba's daily school snack. He hasn't found the hiding place, which is amazing.

    I hope there were no belly aches in the middle of the night.

  7. LOL about the cookie bandit! Those look yummy.

  8. They are awesome!! I want one! 6 dozen is a heck of a lot of cookies to bake though. Glad we don't do that sort of thing in Oz.

    You are an amazing mummy to do that!!



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