Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mother of the Year, Part II

(The second in what is sure to be a long series.)

I was tired today. The kind of tired that when you're driving your kids around, you realize you probably shouldn't be because you go into a trance-like state and don't quite remember how you got from point A to point B.

When I got home from dropping Jack off at his afternoon school, I made Quinn a peanut butter and honey sandwich and some chocolate milk in a straw cup and put him in front of the TV. I laid down next to him and went to sleep. I only woke up every 25 minutes or so to put a new Wonder Pets on. I slept for four episodes.

Quinn was in absolute heaven.

His favorite lunch? In front of the TV? Watching his favorite show? Without any brothers to try to put on something else?

I felt horrible for doing it, but I know that the Wonder Pets is like a magnet to him and that he wouldn't get up and wander. And he didn't.

At some point the dog ate the last of his sandwich, but he was okay with that. Other than the obvious negligence of the entire situation, the only downside was that at some point he smeared his honey-laden sandwich all over his head. I discovered this when we got ready to walk to the bus stop to pick up Sam and I touched Quinn's head only to find a hardened sheath of blond hair.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Best. Mom. Ever.


  1. Happy mom, happy child. Hope you're able to get some rest tonight!

  2. We need it though, but hard not to feel guilty. Bubba had a half day today, so while Moosie was at PM preschool, I snoozed while Bubba watched all of Barnyard. It's bad enough that I let him watch 2 hours of TV instead of spending quality time with him when no brother was around... but I let him watch a movie where the cows are male and have udders. For a midwesterner like me, that is wrong on so many levels.

    Get a good night sleep; there's always tomorrow to find the balance...

  3. Hey, you gotta sleep when you can! TRUST ME!

  4. Thanks, ladies. I do suppose that it's just one day. Maybe with all my sleep today I'll be present tomorrow.

    And niksmom, I do trust you implicitly on any type of sleep issue. Unfortunately, you seem to be the expert!

  5. I don't think I know any Mom who hasn't had to do that now and then. Really. Humans need sleep!

  6. Makes you wonder what our mothers did when we were little to entertain us when they were sick.

    I say we are lucky to have the idiot box! My husbands mother used to feed her kids sherry to 'calm them down'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Last fall, I got really sick, and did a similar thing, only with Andy in front of Oobi, armed with strawberry yogurt and his blankie. Exhaustion is a funny thing.

  8. You are not alone. I've done that myself when I've been sick or extremely tired. It's a treat for the kids and a much needed rest for us.

  9. I have done very similar things (more than once.) Shhh, don't tell.

  10. And why not, I ask?

    Now if you did that every day...

    But you don't.

    So best mama ever? Sure!

  11. Funny...I did almost the exact same thing today except with macaroni and Shrek!


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