My Mysterious Benefactor

I’ve been a little tired lately. And a little worried about Jack. And lacking in downtime. And living in a house that constantly needs to be cleaned.

So imagine my joy and surprise when I came home today and found a plate of assorted cookies on my doorstep. Somebody loves me! (Or somebody put a plate of cookies intended for someone else on my doorstep by mistake, but I prefer to think that somebody loves me.)

If you’re out there, mysterious benefactor, know that you totally made my day.

9 thoughts on “My Mysterious Benefactor

  1. How cool is THAT. Sounds like a great tradition to start… putting cookies randomly on people’s doorstep. Love it.

    Wish it was me who thought of it (partly because it woul dmean I knew where you lived, and we’d be having playdates. and that sort of thing…)

  2. I’d put money on Moms Club … there was a cookie party today and Andrew brought home some too!

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

  3. Me, I would be thinking it was one of my freaky neighbours and full of ratsack or weed.

    But that is just me.

    Someone loves you. Hey, pretend they are from me! I would love to bake you some cookies :)

    (BTW I am HATING blogger right now. They have changed commenting for non-bloggers. grrrrr)

  4. wow. what a good idea. it wasn’t me, but if I had thought of the idea and lived remotely near you, I would’ve done it. I swear. ;)

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