Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Good Kind of Downsizing

It's been kind of a goal of mine for a while to declutter my house, so it seems appropriate that my first ever Stimeyland review be for a book about simplifying one's posessions. That book: Downsizing Your Home with Style: Living Well in a Smaller Space by Lauri Ward.

Now first of all, I should tell you that because I am an idiot, I thought I was voluteering to review a book for MotherTalk that was about decluttering. Though there are elements of that in this book, it is in fact about adjusting your belongings when you move from a larger home to a smaller home.

While I was looking more for tips on how to get rid of some of my clutter, there was some good decorating advice in it. Ward includes tips on maximizing your space and how to adjust your own belongings to fit in smaller rooms. This is a book I would recommend for anyone moving from a house to an apartment.

For me the most valuable part of the book was the advice on what to pack and what to part with when you move. I'm not planning on moving anytime soon, but it is advice that can be put to use in your current home as well. Among other rules, she recommends getting rid of things if you haven't used them in years. This is a philosophy I plan to put to good use once I finally get around to doing some downsizing of my own. You'd be surprised how much stuff I have that hasn't been used since I've lived in this house. Good thing I paid to have them moved here, huh? That's exactly the kind of thing this book helps you to avoid.

Plus, I was able to read about all the design mistakes I'd made in my own home. Most of them involve window coverings. Apparently puddles of curtains on the floor are not the best way to maximize the visual space in your house.


  1. If you could put all your things in that tiny room in CZ, you could move into any size apartment and be fine. ;) Your skills of maximizing small spaces are amazing to me.


  2. Puddles of curtains on the floor are good for collecting cat hair.

  3. C, I hadn't even thought about all the stuff I'd crammed into my room at CZ. (For you non-old-school friends, CZ was the name of the co-op I lived in at college in Berkeley. Full name: Casa Zimbabwe. I had a room maybe 8x15, if that, and had such an incredible amount of stuff in there. I should post photos. You'd laugh.) Thanks for the memories, C. I should just be grateful that I don't live with that much clutter anymore.

  4. Thanks for reviewing my new book. Big tip for avoiding clutter: Get everything off the floor that isn't furniture (this does not include children under 12).

  5. Thank you for the excellent tip! Am I allowed to get rid of the children if I want to? It was a pleasure reading your book!


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