Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Great Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving dinner is over. The kids are in bed. Food is digesting. The pie is yet to be cut. Time for some blogging.

Thanksgiving afternoon was unseasonably warm. The entire neighborhood was out without coats on, everyone doing some raking. And then after the raking, the wind blew a whole bunch and the ground was entirely covered again with leaves.

So we watched some football. And played in the basement. And cooked. And did some more cooking. We basically just took a whole day to veg out. I haven't worked since Tuesday night, and I feel great! Quinn too, obviously.

A few days ago I made some predictions about what my kids would eat for dinner. Let's see how I did.

I predicted that Quinn would win the Best Little Thanksgiving Piggy award. He did pretty well. He ate a lot of turkey. And, holding up the drumstick, said, "I want to take this to karate." He tried sweet potatoes, spit them out, and then demanded some more of the "orange potatoes." With a similar result. But he tried almost everything on his plate. So: Stimey=1/1.

I predicted that Sam would demand a drumstick and eat at least two bites. Yes and yes. He ate even more than two bites. He freaked out until we took all the stuffing off his plate because he refused to try it and he wanted to have a plate that was clean but for crumbs. Well, that makes Stimey 2 for 2.

I predicted that Jack would eat his weight in mashed potatoes. Check. (I was a little worried because Alex left the skins on, but even this didn't deter him.) He also ate a roll and a half, but really what he ate most of was plain ol' butter. That kid loves him some butter. Awesome. Stimey scores 100%! Who knows her kids?

I didn't make any predictions about the dog, but I think everyone can guess that she totally lucked out. She got to eat the turkey neck earlier in the day. And because she positioned herself squarely under Quinn's chair, she totally cleaned up. (Figuratively and literally.) Then she took matters into her own hands paws, and finished Jack's dinner.

And what are we thankful for? A lot, but here's what we said when we went around the table at dinner:
Alex: "For my family."
Stimey: "That everyone here is healthy."
Jack: "Mom."
Sam: "God." (One of his little friends at school has been brainwashing him. Apologies to the religious among you for calling religious thinking brainwashing.)
Quinn: "Quinn."

Then Sam asked Alex what he was thankful for, and when Alex repeated that he was thankful for his family, Sam said, "No, something cooler." (For the record, Alex couldn't come up with anything cooler.)

So aside from a little hunger-induced screaming (by the kids) because dinner was a little later than expected, and a little cursing (by me) because of an enormous spilled drink (also by me), this was one of the better Thanksgivings in recent memories. It's nice to have a chill, relaxed day with no expectations of activity other than some major eating. We should have one of these kinds of days at least once a month.


  1. Sounds like bliss.

    I am loving your kids right now. Especially Quinn. I am thankful for Quinn too.

    Thanks for sharing. Wonder how long before we have a similar thing here in Ozerica, I mean Australia....

  2. Just catching up on my reading... what a great Turkey Day!

  3. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! We had a big food milestone this year. Bubba put something in his mouth that he didn't like and for the first year ever didn't spit it across my Mema's formally set dining room table! I think it was the "orange potatoes" and he too came back and put more in his mouth after he spit the offending food in the trash two seconds earlier.

  4. Raking? RAKING? We can't nap over here for all the leaf blowers. And lawn companies. Lawn companies suck.

    Except when they're in my yard. Good times.

    Glad you had such a good Thanksgiving! 3 for 3 -- hurrah!

  5. I totally agree about the one day each month! Sounds like a good day to me.

  6. Kelley, I'm loving Quinn too. Except when he's being a jerk. Then I want to strangle him.

    Kal, Bettjo, and Niksmom: I hope yours were good too!

    Ange: Congrats on Bubba! But really, what's a formally set table without a few regurgitated bites?

    WM: The best part about the raking was when every girl in the neighborhood went to the house across the street to rake their leaves. And then Sam abandoned me for them. Little traitor.

  7. This is the first year in a long time that the dogs didn't get anything from our table or counters.

    Next year? They will totally be cleaning up around the highchair.


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