Friday, December 7, 2007


More meme for me! KAL at Autism Twins tagged me for the 7 things about me meme that's been making the rounds. So here goes!

1. I had an eyebrow ring for a long time. I got it when I was 18 and wore it up until my dog ripped it out with an enthusiastic jump ten or so years later. For those of you that just cringed, don't worry, it didn't hurt. It was so healed by then and the ring was probably so aged that it just popped open. It was actually sort of a nice solution for my rapidly approaching old-person status with a young-person accessory.

2. For my four years of college I had a stunning view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge from the window of my housing co-op. I can't remember the exact price per semester, but my fourth floor unobstructed view was quite possibly the cheapest one in the Bay Area. I had a loft bed that was right by my windows, so I could lay in bed and look at the city. It was nice.

3. I spent the entire summer of 1998 following the band Phish on their summer tour from Oregon to Maine. I was by myself for the majority of the trip, with a couple visits from Alex. I also did a leg with a friend of a friend (I think his name was Dave and I do believe it might not have been a great idea to go through Texas' border station with him and his backpack&#8212for reasons those of you familiar with the band will understand.) I dragged my stepsister and a high school friend with me to a show each, with different levels of success. Oh, and there were a couple of shows I hit with some guy I picked up at a gas station. (Ah, the young, dumb, and trusting days.) Oddly enough, there was another solo follower who the people in the Phish organization had seated next to me for five different shows in five different states. His name was Wes.

4. After Alex finished law school we went to Fairbanks, Alaska, for a year so he could clerk for a judge up there. I was reminded by this post about the trouble we had erecting our Christmas tree that year. Because we were only going to live there for a year, we put a lot of our stuff in storage and only took the bare essentials. Which we apparently didn't think included a Christmas tree stand. Well, by early December the entire town of Fairbanks and its surrounding area was sold out of tree stands. There was seriously NO local source. We had to next day air us a tree stand. Which, if you read MOM-NOS' post, you'll understand was actually a blessing in disguise.

5. I'm a puzzle addict. The real kind and word kinds. I unfortunately don't have time to do real puzzles anymore. And I think some of the pieces would "disappear" with the help of six tiny hands and twelve tiny paws. But I have crossword, logic, and variety puzzle books strewn about my house. (Some are attached to clipboards, for which I've been made fun of. Sometimes it's embarrassing to be me.) In fact, a couple years ago, I ordered a box of 40 variety puzzle books for a ridiculously low price, so I'm set on these books until mid-century. I don't do the word searches though. Because I don't like them.

6. When I was in the 4th grade my class was assigned to cut turkeys out of paper and then glue yarn on their tail feathers to make them beautiful. In my enthusiasm I used far too much glue and mine turned out to be somewhat of a disaster. The day we made them they were all tacked up to the art board. When I came back the next day, mine had been removed. I was so humiliated I lied and told the teacher that I hadn't made one when she asked why mine wasn't up there. I realize now that no teacher would take a student's art down just because it was bad, and what probably happened is that it got knocked down and swept away by a janitor. But I spent twenty years convinced that the teacher had intentionally removed it because it wasn't up to par.

7. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but one of my greatest joys of parenting is when I'm able to clear a giant booger out of Quinn's nose. When they were younger I enjoyed the same thing with the other two kids, but now that they're older it's just gross. (Because it's not gross when they're under three. Oh, man, you guys are never coming back here to read again are you? I told you it was embarrassing to be me.)

So there you have it. Coincidentally, my last post was also a list of seven things.

I'm not up to tagging people, especially because I think the entire blogosphere has done this meme by now, but I hope you've enjoyed learning some completely extraneous things about me.


  1. Indeed, I like to read other people's meme but I'm not so keen to do them myself.

    Best wishes

    This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

  2. Very interesting. The bridge view, Alaska, and most especially, the booger. But that cute little redhead in the picture...even his booger's are cute.

  3. Phish was my gateway drug. :^) I'll never be the same after Run Like an Antelope.

    Anne at

  4. I live for the booger sucker.

  5. Maddy, thanks for reading. I agree, it's hard to come up with a bunch of random things about myself. I run out of ideas and then start listing embarrassing things, like how I like boogers.

    I can't tell you how thrilled I am that others were not completely repulsed by my booger comment. Girl, that booger sucker is the best. We got sent home with a giant version from one of our births. Powerful stuff.

    Anne, I'm happy to hear of your gateway drug. I lived for You Enjoy Myself.

    And, TIV, you gave me some much needed ammunition to spring on a friend who claims there is no red in Quinn's hair. She's insane, right?

  6. You know there are online jigsaw puzzles, right? Free one - - and one that you buy (which I love because you can make ANY picture into a puzzle) is Having cats - I can't do real puzzles either.

  7. My husband thinks I'm nuts because I get great joy out of cleaning ear wax out of my boys' ears and clipping their nails. I'm plain wierd.

  8. Phish. Canape and I and our high school boyfriends used to flip over those guys. We were about the only ones in our town, but we sure did.

    OH! And puzzles. I've started doing crosswords again to test my chemo brain, and I'm HAPPY to report that I can still do the NYT, up to Wednesday at least. HAPPY, I tell you. Happy.

    Perhaps I should get out more. :-)

  9. I'm a picker. But crusties, not gooby ones. They way those things hang on make me want to puke. Gag.

  10. I guess I should clarify I am a picker of my kids' noses? Aw hell.

  11. You had a rather exciting past! I am so jealous!

    Ange just totally put me off my coffee..... takes alot to put me off my coffee ya know.


  12. re 2: that sounds divine. i'm jealous.

    re 6: aww... poor little girl you! sigh.

    re 7: huh. just...huh. ;)

  13. Oh, BetteJo, I just did myself a puzzle at jigzone. This might be a problem for me. You may have ended my blogging career. I'm off to do puzzles on jigzone.

  14. Glad you did the meme and I'm sorry I just now made it over here to check it out... I have been plain blogged out lately... When, oh when, will I blog again? (sung to cheesy 70s song) :)


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