Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Christmas First

Alex and I (and assorted kids) decorated for Christmas without fighting. No angry words about how to string lights. No unreasonable demands about no one being allowed to rest on the couch while someone else decorates. No misplaced panic about pieces missing from the advent calendar.

Just cooperation, and the occasional timeout. For the kids. Not for Alex and I.

Our finished product:

It's not fancy, but it seems to be pretty much kid and pet proof. Our living room is a cozy place to be right now.


  1. Very nice! Especially with the kid under the tree!

  2. I love it! I especially love the decorative child-holding-up-tree base you found....

    I have the fight solution. A tree each! *snort*

  3. Oh, it looks so cozy. Widget is looking over my shoulder, saying Quinn! Quinn! We love it.

  4. Everyone should get a Quinn-Stand. They're easy to set up. They're harder to keep in one spot.

  5. Looks cozy and pretty...just what Christmas feels like to me. :-)

  6. Yeah for getting your tree up! We have yet to accomplish that.


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