Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Love Letter to My Preschool

Dear Best Preschool in the Whole Wide World,

Thank you, Mrs. B, Jack's 2s teacher, for not freaking me out about Jack, but caring enough to notice his behavior so that when I started to become aware that Jack may be developmentally delayed, you were able to give me answers to my questions that let me know you had been noticing him all year. I still remember when I asked you at the end of the year if he ever made eye contact with you and you didn't even have to think before you answered. Because you'd paid attention to him.

Thank you, Mrs. E, Jack's 3s teacher, for helping to lead me gently through my first forays into evaluating Jack. Thank you for showing me that even though his brother was also quiet at three, and that I really wanted to believe that Jack would also blossom socially at four, that didn't necessarily mean that he would. Thank you for keeping a daily journal of his behavior. Thank you for filling out endless forms in preparations for his observations and evaluations. Thank you for opening your classroom to my experts so they could check my little man out. Thank you for helping me accept Jack as the wonderful little guy that he is.

Thank you, Mrs. G, Jacks current 4s teacher, for putting so much thought into how to help him. Thank you for coming to my house over the summer to discuss how we could best work with him in class. Thank you for taking thoughts of him home with you, where you puzzled over what you could do to help him. Thank you for agreeing to let the parent educator from his special ed class come to observe him in your class, and then changing your mind and taking time out of your day to go observe him in that class instead. Thank you for pointing out that he behaves differently when I co-op, and for working out solutions that we all can work with. Thank you for suggesting that I keep a log of his sleep and food intake so that we could track how that coincides with his good and rough days. Thank you for not showing the frustration I'm sure you must feel when he refuses to do what you need him to do.

Thank you, Mrs. C, school director, for showing me so much compassion. Even though you need have no direct contact with Jack, and there is no responsibility for you to go out of your way to help, thank you for your support. Thank you for seeing me break down a couple weeks ago and taking my co-oping spot for a few minutes while I cried in your empty classroom. Thank you for taking a half hour out of your day today to talk to me and make sure that I'm doing okay. Thank you for giving me ideas about what we can do with Jack next year, whether he goes to kindergarten or stays in preschool. Thank you for accepting without judgment that I was going to cry during this conversation and for bringing me a box of tissue. Thank you for chatting aimlessly about Christmas stockings with me for a few minutes at the end of our conversation so that I could compose myself before I went back to co-op.

Thank you all for discussing Jack as a group in your teachers' meetings, as I know you do, so you can help each other and give each other ideas, which you then pass on to me. Thank you for not pretending that you have all the answers, but for being willing to learn. Thank you for understanding that, while I am so in love with my child and don't care that he has a disability, certain days can be hard. Thank you for being the safest, warmest, and most nurturing environment Jack and I could possibly be in.

Thank you, all of you, for loving my child.

I truly love all of you.



  1. Doesn't it feel good to write a positive letter? I hope you are sending it to them. It's so great to have people respect you and sincerely care about your children!

  2. Okay, you made me cry. Happy now??

  3. Gah I am with bettejo... where are the dang tissues.

  4. Oh, the puddles of tears in my eyes as I ready myself to send my blind little man off to preschool for the first time. They loved my oldest as one of their own and he loved them right back. I pray for the same for D but for so much more. Its a little thing really, but so big, I hope he finds friends.

  5. Crying now. Moving to your school district next week! I WISH!! Wow, I hope you really sent that to the teachers...they ned to know they are doing something SOOO right and can be proud of what they do each and every day. Sigh...now where did I put my teacher-cloning apparatus...

  6. Wow. I really hope you share this with his school. They need to know that what they do means so much. And how fortunate you are to have such a team at that school!

  7. I made me cry too. But in a good way. :)

  8. Beauty. Just ... beauty. I'm so glad that you and Jack were in the right place at the right time.

  9. A good teacher is hard to find. Sounds like you got very lucky!

  10. That's awesome. What a fantastic team you've had and continue to have. I'd say that I'm jealous, but ours is pretty awesome too :) It's not hard to see why people move here. I hope you share this with the school too.


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