Monday, December 17, 2007

All Christmas, All the Time

On Saturday, as you may be aware, we put up our Christmas tree.

We also went to a children's craft fair at the local high school. The little dudes made cards, ornaments, graham cracker gingerbread houses, peanut butter bird feeders (later eaten by our dog), and probably some other stuff too.

It's hard to remember everything they made because I was far too busy trying to balance a fistful of art without smearing liberally applied glitter glue.

Being overly ambitious, we decided to take the kids out to lunch and to see Santa at the mall before we went to pick out our tree. The dudes ate pretty much nothing at lunch, but I sure had a delicious salad.

I think perhaps Quinn was partially full from the gross of candycanes he'd already consumed at the craft fair. He'd eaten a large number, which was merely a precursor for the number he would be handed everywhere from Santa's lap to the Christmas tree lot. It turns out that the boy really likes peppermint candy.

Our mall was not entirely prepared for the number of children who wanted to see Santa on the last reasonable Santa-visiting Saturday before Christmas. The Santa kiosk was woefully understaffed. There was Santa, obviously. The same surly Santa that's been there every year, and who seems to have his job solely because he has a gray beard. (A beard that Jack really enjoyed caressing, by the way.) There was a photographer/kid wrangler/cashier, who really could have used an assistant, and there was an underutilized woman standing at the front of the line whose job seemed to consist solely of saying, "Ok, go ahead. Your turn now."

Consequently, even though there were only four or five families (and a pair of middle-aged women&#8212love it!) in front of us, there was a lot of waiting. Each group sat with Santa, had their photo taken and printed, and paid for the finished product before the next group could go see the man in red.

In the meantime, Santa sat on his chair looking...well, surly.

This left us with plenty of time to get into trouble, including when Jack tried to wrestle a cane away from the man behind us. A cane he seemed to rely on to stand. It's always awesome to be us.

As I mentioned, Jack was delighted by Santa's beard, the bell on Santa's hat, and pretty much everything about sitting with Santa. Sam was more reserved/awestruck, but was perfectly compliant. Quinn was not thrilled with the situation, but as opposed to last year when he screamed as soon as he set foot on the carpet and was therefore promptly removed, he deigned to stay in the vicinity.

I don't think we've ever had a year when all of our kids agreed to sit (or at least stand in the vicinity of Santa), so we were perfectly thrilled to get this final product:


  1. I love the picture. And all of the boys' expressions. Even Santa's "I feel something warm and wet running down my leg" face.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only mom dragging my kids places during the holidays wondering why the hell I'm doing it. It's fun, right? The kids are having fun right? *scream*

  2. Wow you did great [well they all did now I come to think of it] We tried it a couple of years ago = disaster.

    There again maybe we should try again!

  3. Cracking up at the "surly Santa" commentary! Our local mall Santa looks like he should be on some Megan's Law wanted list...VERY CREEPY. I'm not kidding! I took Nik to the mall an hour north of here when we were at the hospital just to satisfy MY need for a photo of Nik and Santa. How twisted is that!?

  4. All right, you got a pic! We didn't get one last year, everybody was too sick and screamy. This year- good to go. Good job getting all three boys in the camera frame!!! :)

  5. You can just tell they each have different feelings about it! I love it!

  6. I love it that he is still wearing that cape!

  7. Cute picture! Any picture where I can get all 3 of my boys in it at once is an accomplishment in my book!

  8. Sarah, he is going to be married in that cape.

    Perhaps the best thing about this experience was that both the children in front and behind us were obviously first babies celebrating their first Christmases. The baby in front was wearing clean white and a Santa hat. The baby behind us had on some fancy white and gold dress.

    And my kids? Well, Quinn had that cape. And Sam and Jack were wearing shirts covered in lunch and craft goo.

    I remember back when I actually cared what the picture looked like as opposed to just feeling like a victor because there are three children in frame!

  9. Hey! I know that Santa! We saw him last year. I thought he was surly too. And perhaps a perv.

  10. That is an awesome picture. I love how Quinn looks as if he is being held in the picture rather forcibly. Brilliant.


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