Tuesday, December 25, 2007

DCMM: Internet, I'm Bored! What is There To Do?

There are so many things to do in the DC area. There are museums, farms, gardens, playgrounds, theaters, and pretty much anything else you can think of. So why is it that when I'm stuck for something to do on a Sunday morning, I turn into my six-year-old and can't find a single thing I'm interested in?

We were all set to go to Applewood Farm this morning to look at some reindeer and ride a train. But then it started to rain, we weren't sure if we wanted to slog around outside in a farm-y swamp, and then we found out the farm had closed because of rain anyway.

So I went to my friend the Internet. But my friend the Internet totally had other plans.

I used to live in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Need something to do there? Go to SF Gate or Calendar Live. It is a piece of cake to find a family activity to do there any day of the week.

I got really frustrated when I couldn't find any such similar site listing family-friendly events for the DC area. Not even in the Washington Post. There are definitely listings of theatres, movies, restaurants and concerts, but what about seasonal family entertainment and fairs, for example?  Where can I take three young boys who need to be distracted from running in circles and yelling, "Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!" Where's my events listing? Heeeelp!

I did eventually find just what I was looking for: the City Guide, which I know I will use again, but I didn't find it until much later in the day after we got back from our outing. We ended up at the National Building Museum, which was awesome, but I came up with that all by myself without any help from my ex-friend the Internet.

So my question to you is this: Where do you go to find out what's happening in the area? Do you have any resources that help you find fun stuff to do? If you are looking forward to a day symbolized by an entirely blank square on your calendar and nothing to do, what is your best secret?

You can read all about Jean and her family's trip to the building museum, as well as her other DC-area explorations at Stimeyland.

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