Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is It Wrong To Cheer Your Crying Child?

I finally made Quinn sad enough to cry a tear!

In case you don't know this about him, Quinn doesn't create tears. Really. Never.

Today, he finally leaked one drop out of his right eye. I think it's wrong of me to be so delighted by his obvious extreme sadness, but, c'mon, the kid is two and a half. It's about time he cried a little.

A little backstory: Quinn is sick. He's been in a generally ugly state for a couple days what with the snot and the hacking cough and the whatnot. Last night his coughing woke him up and resulted in a lot of (mostly) dry heaving. Bottom line: The kid is sick.

More backstory: Sam's bus arrives at the bus stop between 3:20 and 3:30, so Quinn and I leave the house at 3:15 to get there on time.

Okay, so the actual story: Today at 1, even though he doesn't usually nap anymore, I put Quinn down for a nap. 'Cause when you're sick, you just need it. Then at 1:30 I, who had been up with Quinn for the dry heaves last night, also laid down for a nap. On the rare occasions I nap, I usually set a kitchen timer to wake me up so I'll get to the bus stop on time, but today? No way in hell will I sleep for more than an hour. I'll be fine.

Fast forward to 3:12 when I finally woke up, confused and with hair askew. I grabbed Quinn's coat and put it on him in his crib, wrapped him in his blanket and then stuffed his barefooted self in the stroller to go to the bus stop. He did not care for this, as he was trying to sleep at the time.

He complained all the way to the bus stop. And, honestly, rightfully so. I would've been pissed too. I mean, I sorta was. I wanted to nap more too.

He held back the mighty deluge of his tear until we made it to the bus stop and I tried to cheer him up. My completely odd reaction to his sadness (what with the cheering and hugging about the tear and all) stopped Quinn short, and by the time we made it home, he was cheerful enough.

I takes my milestones whens I can get 'em.

Thanks to Ange at Tis My Life for the link about alacrima.


  1. Waking me up abruptly from a nap will get a tear or 2 outa me too!!

  2. Maybe it wasn't a tear, but consolidated perspiration from trying to produce a tear. ;)

    I saw my name and that word I can't pronounce and was like "Crap. What did I do this time?" And then after clicking the link, I remembered. You didn't need to thank me though for being obsessive compulsive about other people's concerns. It's a gift God gave me to feel good about procrastinating from cleaning my house and the like. Anyone else? I google better than Jenny McCarthy!

  3. had he really never cried a tear? wow! my kids have always cried BUCKETS of tears, more's the pity.

  4. I jumped up and down and cheered and took my kid to the store for a celebratory icecream when he lied for the first time.

    A big ol' fat lie.

    It was amazing and wonderful and only a mum of a kid with Autism could understand that madness...

    Yay for the tear!


  5. Woo hoo for a tear! I've been drowning in tears today, I'd be happy to send a bucketful your way if you'd like.

  6. Bettejo: Yeah, me too. Altogether, Quinn was rather restrained.

    Ange: Sorry to freak you out. I love the perspiration idea. Poor Robot Quinn.

    SM: Really. I have been vigilantly waiting since he was a baby. Weird, huh?

    Kelley: I hear you. We all celebrate different things, huh?

    Jennifer: Thanks, but I think I'll stick with just the one!

  7. Since I'm doing that "catching up" thing that I do I feel at liberty to make an almost totally irrelevant comment.

    Have you seen the Chuck Norris website? With all the random (and made up) facts about him?

    For instance, "Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer. Too bad he never cries."

    That is what I thought of when you first said that Quinn doesn't cry tears. Ever.

    Thus ends my rambling.


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