Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Kids Are Rad

This was originally meant to be a post entirely about Quinn's preschool field trip to the Krispy Kreme store. Poor guy is losing the category race. He's losing badly. At this point he only has 50 posts with him as a category/label. Jack and Sam are waaaaay ahead and neck and neck with 69 and 68, respectively. (Which is actually quite a coup. Sam was ahead for a long, long time.)

But then we had some nice quality time all sitting at the kitchen table drawing. Quinn did make some lovely scribbles, but my other kids also performed in a category-worthy way. Sorry, Quinn.

Sam drew an awesome picture of a pig. And even though he was having trouble writing a long sentence to finish his homework, he kept at it and finished.

Jack, Mr. I Only Write Words, I Don't Draw Pictures, drew a picture of a dog.

This is phenomenal for him. One of his teachers has all the kids draw pictures of themselves at the beginning of the month so by the end of the year you can see their drawing progress. It's my favorite part of that class. Sam's completed year of portraits was amazing. But here it is December and Jack has yet to draw a picture. He either writes his name or other words that he's interested in. Which is great. And I am very proud of him. Very proud. Especially for a kid who refused to write in September, he has made incredible strides. But sometimes I wish he would just draw a damn stick figure already.

So that dog? I'm bursting with pride. Do you see that adorable face? He pulled that image right out of his brain. So cool. So cool.

Deep breath of pride, and then on to our featured presentation:

Quinn's twos class went to the donut shop today. It's not the most educational (or nutritious) field trip in the world, but the kids love it. (And they learn to brush their teeth by the time they go on their field trip to the dentist in the fours class.)

His teacher rode in the car with us, which was almost too much for Quinn to handle. He spent most of the ride with his hands over his eyes as if to say, "Oh. My. God. She is right there! In MY car! With ME! See her? Right there! Oh, dear God, I'm going to faint from the excitement."

This is Quinn watching the donuts roll by on the conveyor belt. Quinn is quite the connoisseur of all things sugar, so this was of particular interest to him.

The Krispy Kreme lady tried to give a little demonstration showing the different stages of donuts, from flour to dough to raw donut, etc. But she was waging a losing battle against 9 2-year-olds who basically just wanted to eat donuts.


And you better believe eating two (!) donuts is thirsty work.

One more thing: Have you noticed that spellcheck no longer recognizes "doughnut", but does recognize "donut"? It also recognizes "dough nut". Did I miss a memo?


  1. Smiling here. And hey, I missed the memo, too. Damn Microsoft!

    Um, should we be concerned about future dentist visits if the two's don't learn about tooth brushing until FOUR??!! Dear God that's a shitload of sugar build-up...

  2. Okay, that is a really cute dog, and your child is totally a budding artist, but what is coming out of the dogs butt??:)

  3. Niksmom, I guess I'm going to have to do some toothbrushing training all by myself at home. Dammit!

    Cottontales, you made me drop my head onto my desk with laughter. I thought about specifying in the post that those tentacles are actually the dog's legs, but then I didn't. But feel free to imagine that it's anything you want that coming out of his butt.

  4. Whew, I thought the dog was having fits of diarrhea, possibly related to doughnut/donut/dough nut consumption. Great dog face though!

    Now, as you can see here (http://miscthing.blogspot.com/2007/11/thankful.html) in my Moosie's drawing, my almost 4 year old is one talented artist. That is supposedly his brother. I think he got his hair right though.

  5. Agh shame. I think I'd have freaked out if the teacher joined me in the car too!

    This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

  6. Hee hee. I keep track of my category stats too. Off the top of my head, I'd say that I've got 51 posts about Bub and 31 about Pie right now, so the gap is starting to close.

  7. Awesome drawings and awesome field trip!!! We just went to museums and zoos and stuff when I was a kid. Wow. I wanna grow - down!

  8. You made me hungry for doughnuts. Apparently the old-fashioned kind.

    I'm going to go google krispy kreme and figure out wheretheheck you went to get them!

  9. I absolutely adore Krispy Kreme and we don't have one in my town. But now that I know the fat content, I may never eat one again. I can feel my cholesterol rising just thinking about them.

  10. Why do I see a baby seal where a dog should be?

  11. Hmm, I have a strange craving for donuts now. And your boys are so adorable by the way!

    For whatever reason, my boys are pretty adament about drawing. It's a curse and blessing, because for one, the refridgerator is always covered in beautiful art, but on the downside, the kitchen is always cluttered with craft supplies.

    Lately I've been keeping my boys busy with Kabillion's Little Director. It's a kid-friendly online sketchbook you can find at http://www.kabillion.com/littledirector . My boys love to spend hours drawing on the site, and the pictures can even be taken a step further and turned into complete animations, with music, voiceovers and everything!

    The site also allows you to buy your child's masterpiece on DVD. My boys' latest movie will make a great Christmas gift for my mom. She'll love it! I only know about this because I work with Kabillion, but even I think it's fun. I'm so happy to share this with my children!

  12. So what does it say under the picture of the pig?

    I've tried my best to reason it out, but I just don't read like a mom yet.

  13. Let's see, it says "I am hungry so that is why I woke up." And he crossed out his GIANT period to make a smaller one. I think the "k" in woke may be what was giving you trouble.

    Yeah, I see baby seal too. But there's an obvious ear, so maybe it's a one-eared dog? And it is clearly identified as a dog. Unless the seal's name is "dog." You know, like the bounty hunter.

  14. SB loves that Krispy Kreme place. He's already informed us that he'll need to stop and get a doughnut on the way to the hospital (across the street) before meeting his baby sister in April.


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