Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas was good.

The reindeer dust worked and Santa came.

Everyone got lots of fun presents.

Everyone played together nicely.

No one said, "I don't have anything to do," for the whole day.

Although Alex did say, "I'm going to murder your mother," regarding the voice changer/amplifier she sent to Sam.

Yummy turkey was cooked and consumed.

As were four pies.

Well, we didn't eat all of the pie yet. Or, for that matter, the turkey. (But we got a good start.)

A green plastic cup melted around the heating coil on the dishwasher and had to be chopped out.

One set of grandparents arrived late in the day to hep the kids up to heretofore undreamed of heights. (Happy.)

Still no weather-trapped grandma. (Sad.)

There was a lot of love and cuddling and happy moments.

In a fit of being so over Christmas, I took down the tree and dragged it outside all by myself today.

The tree stayed up for an entire 24 hours longer than it did last year.

Stimey will be all ready to be super excited for Christmas in eleven and a half months.

And not a second before.


  1. You are the 3rd person whose blog I read who has already taken their tree down. Mine doesn't come down until the weekend after New Years. I love having it up!
    But - mine is artificial. No dragging out to the curb for me!

    I'm glad the reindeer dust worked and everybody except stranded Grandma had a good time. It's always nice when Christmas turns out to be joyous. :)
    Until next year ...

  2. Wow, you're tough...poor tree! ;-) Um, you wanna come to my house and help me? Ours will stay up until New Years. Glad everyone had a good time. Well, yeah, except stranded Granny. ;-)

  3. I am itching to take mine down. I took down one today (remember I have 7) but I have to get out and buy new plastic tubs to put them in and cull some of it first.

    Cant wait to de-Christmas the house. Sad but true.

    Sounds like a lovely Christmas babe. I am so glad!

  4. I took down our tree in a fit of being done too... and we didn't have it up until a few days before Christmas!

    Your Christmas sounds wonderful! Here's to nearly 11.5 months of Christmas free bliss!

  5. When I was a kid and we used a ten-foot field pine for a tree, it went up on my birthday (two days before Christmas) and came down on Twelfth Night (Jan 5). With my artificial tree, I have a lot more flexibility- but years like this when it goes up a whole week or two before Christmas is still really weird. I'm ready to take it down, and we are only on Four Calling Birds...


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