Random Things About My Day

1. We learned the joy of eating icicles:

2. Quinn is sick. I think I’m getting sick too. The dog may also get sick because Quinn licked her tongue today.

3. By 9:30 this morning I was already prepared to murder my children because they were unwilling to stand nicely in a group and smile for a Christmas card photo. It’s like herding cats, people. Angry cats who don’t like each other.

4. Sam’s school start was delayed by two hours because of snow. Jack and Quinn’s school start was delayed one hour. Rather than do the math and try to figure out how to get everyone to school on time, I kept Jack home from school along with Sicky Sickerson Quinn. (If Student A leaves House 1 at 10am and Student B leaves School 2 at 10:30… See what I mean?)

5. My Blogger account is no longer notifying me when I get comments. EDITED to remove a sentence that was meant in fun but upon further reflection, just seemed in bad taste. Anywho, my comment notification seems to be working now, but I’m still mad at Hotmail because they forced me to change my perfectly good Hotmail account to Windows Live. Which doesn’t work in Safari. Bastards.

6. Because of The Sickness, Quinn took an extraordinarily long nap today and Jack and I got to have some good times with Legos. I made a living room for my tired firefighter. I am particularly proud of his lovely mosiac coffee table/end table set. I do, however, think that firefighter standards have gone downhill what with their hiring of one-handed personnel.

Jack seemed to think that Firefighter One-Hand’s chair was not tall enough:

And then we took the guys on a drive:

Legos totally rock.

7. My TiVo evidently thinks we need to be watching Yo Gabba Gabba. And my kids apparently agree.

6 thoughts on “Random Things About My Day

  1. I hope no one else gets sick and Quinn feels better.

    I despise legos AND Yo Gabba whatever the heck it is. I try to make sure the TV is off by that point.

    My kids lose legos everywhere and then cry about how they can’t find pieces. They are into making daddy build things, destroying them, and then whining about it. I decided to play ‘lego inept’ (really I suck at building) so that I do not have to be part of the “lego cycle.” I just get to step on them and cuss under my breath.

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